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Quick Shoutout to everyone on yukon this season


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Mook - You've turned out to be a hell of a steal. You have been a solid goalie this year keeping us in a lot of games, and you have over 80 tpe this season. You will be a star goalie next season as long as you keep earning the tpe! Also I like your really unique graphics they are very purty.


Roughhands - I like how you post in all of our game threads keep up the team spirit. Nemecek has 51 points in 52 games, so maybe you will hit a PPG by the end of the season!


BPH - You don't talk much, but your graphics are really nice. Also, you are earning quite a bit of tpe and will likely be our number 1 dman next season as long as you stay active. You have been lighting it up this season as Holmes has 107 points!


Ramicus - You just joined the team recently but you seem like a cool guy. I liked your first media spot about general George Patton. Patton has 3 points in 5 games so far.


Joseph Roy III - You just joined us and played your first game and got an assist in it :). You've been fun to chat with lately and everyone should check out his biography cause it's pretty well done.


Boom - GOAT assistant GM, Yukon 2 gud



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