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Milestone acheived!


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When you are a scrub like Phil Villeneuve, you aim low.


But in aiming low what it allows to have happen is that any sort of milestone is met with the excitement of a school-boy seeing awesome teacher side-boob.


This is the feeling and throbbing erection Villeneuve's agent went through when he realized the achievement that Villeneuve had accomplished!


In his also 5-year career, through the regular seasons, Villeneuve's stats are as such:



GP:  281

G:    39

A:    133

P:    172

+/-:  124

PIM: 573

HIT: 713

SB:  424

PP: 24


Pretty impressive right? Not really but for the defenseman, hitting 713 hits is definitely something to be proud of. keeping on this track he'll finish with over 1100 hits and just about 700 blocked shots.

Although this is absolutely no where near the valued 1K hits and 1K blocked shots milestone, for a sub-par defender, this is not something to scoff at.

Considering Knight's two other players barely managed 100 career hits... combined, these are new frontiers for him and should be celebrated accordingly.


Phil Knight was found this morning face up on the bathroom floor of a hookers apartment with an almost empty bottle of abstinence in his hand. Now that's celebrating.

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