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Gifford Shock could be the best forward in the VHL’s S41 draft class. Though he started the season ranked 12th overall by the VHL’s scouting services, he has since rockted up the rankings. By the time the mid-season rankings came round, Shock had cracked the first round and found himself sitting at eighth overall. With the trade deadline come and gone, Shock now ranks fifth overall, and second among forwards.


The only forward challenging Shock in a defense-heavy first round is Rift Pajodcast, who has held the third draft spot with an iron fist since the season began. While both players are centers with strong league connections, the similarities stop there.


For one, Pajodcast is a three headed dragon from Sarajevo, whereas Shock is an ageless demi-god in VHL lore who hails from Northern Ontario. Also, Pajodcast plays a strong two-way game, whereas Shock is more run-and-gun offensive.


The end.

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