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Claimed:Bismarck Köenig...Biography [10/10 FINAL]


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Bismarck Oli Köenig

Birthdate: April 1, 1992 (Age 22)

Birthplace: Bloemfontein, Free State, South Africa

Height: 6'4

Weight: 202 lbs

Number: 10


In the beginning...


Bismarck Oli Köenig was born in Bloemfontein South Africa on April Fools Day, 1992. An omen perhaps, but still a delight for his loving parents. The son of former South African Rugby captain Cobus Köenig, the sport of Ice Hockey was never expected to feature in Bismarcks future. He was an only child but had many friends and they regularly attended rugby games to watch his father play the sport loved by the whole nation. “I was so proud of the way my father led from the front and inspired his players to never give up, no matter the circumstances” said Bismarck.Things took a dramatic and ugly turn however, when Cobus Köenig racially abused a black opponent in a game against England. It was a spiteful game and the abuse was out of character but after the campaign to eradicate racial vilification in South Africa, it was the nail in the coffin of his career. The response was swift, as expected in a nation of 54 million people, with 80% of them being of black heritage. After being sacked from the team and his family enduring constant harassment, something had to be done. His career and reputation in tatters, he took the drastic move of emigrating to another country to begin again, and this is where young Bismarck found the sport he would come to love.




Cobus Köenig, father and disgraced former captain of the Springboks.



Willkommen in Deutschland


With strong ties to Germany, the Köenig family soon found themselves in the city of Bremen with a relatively clean slate. “My father made an error that cost him his career and reputation so he felt he had no choice but to leave South Africa as soon as possible. Looking back now, it may have been the best decision he ever made, despite the circumstances behind it, however I will never forget the way he was treated."

Bismarck's parents wanted to distance themselves from the game of Rugby so they looked into more European alternatives for their growing son. The obvious things like soccer or basketball were options, but Cobus saw Ice Hockey as a fantastic game that would suit Bismarck's developing frame and aggressive attitude. Bismarck began skating lessons and quickly adapted to life on the ice. Inheriting his fathers work ethic, he would spend any available time at the local Bremen ice rink, practicing his drills and improving his technique.




The Eisaren Bremen, where Bismarck honed his hockey skills


With continued development throughout his middle school and into high school, Bismark began to be noticed by various scouts from the Deutsche Eishockey Liga(DEL) , Germany's top league, and it was only a matter of time before he was signed by a club. The lucky team was the The Iserlohn Roosters, a small but passionate team based in Iserholn, North Rhine-Westphalia. While the team wasn't the most talented or successful , they were widely regarded for their dedicated fanbase and having one of the best atmospheres at home games in Europe, despite having just a capacity for 4800 spectators. Bismarck was assigned to the Roosters development squad and rapidly started to demonstrate his natural talent for the game. After a season showcasing his offensive talents at this lower level, his elevation to the senior club was all but assured.




Köenig had a solid first season with the senior team , scoring 24 goals and having 31 assists, but a financial crisis hit the club after their owner, Dieter Hennik was arrested for tax evasion. He was subsequently jailed for 3 years and the clubs future looked bleak. After just one season of top level hockey and with overseas interest being shown, it was time for Bismarck to make a decision about his future. Should he stay in Germany, close to his family, or try to forge a career as a professional hockey player with a much more secure future?


It wasn't a difficult decision for the young center and with his fathers blessing, he signed an entry-level deal with the Victory Hockey League's minor league affiliate and was claimed on waivers by the Moscow Red Wolves. Bismarck will stay with the Russian team for the remainder of the season, and will then enter the Season 41 VHLM Dispersal Draft where he is expected to be a fairly high selection.




Bismarck Köenig, coming to a team near you


Obviously a full scouting report will be prepared for his VHL Rookie Profile but we will list below a basic outline of his Strengths and Weaknesses from the information we have so far.




+ Skating


One of Bismarcks greatest assets is his speed and skating ability. With his strong physique and great genetics, he has developed a smooth, rhythmic style that propels him around the ice effortlessly. He can get up and down the ice very quickly and is deceivingly strong on his skates and hard to push off the puck. With continued development and the quality of training he will receive at this higher level, he could become of the best skaters in the VHLM.


+ Vision/Playmaking


Bismark is still developing his playmaking abilities but there is little doubt that by the time he reaches the VHL he will be able to feed his line mates at will. With the capability to make plays equally as well on his backhand as he can on his forehand he will be a sensation in the VHLM next season. His awareness on the ice and his hockey sense is excellent and he often seems to be one step ahead of everyone else. Being a playmaker is something that comes naturally to him and will benefit his line-mates every time he steps onto the ice.


+ Size


Standing at 6'4 and a little over 200 pounds, he is quite strong. With a solid base and the way he skates and protects the puck, it can be almost impossible to strip it from him. He has a wide stance so his centre of gravity is low, giving him the ability to look for opportunities to make things happen for his team. He is going to be very durable and if he is matched with elite players, he will be able to be used in different situations such as a power play type of guy or a dedicated playmaker that can make things happen for his team.




- Checking/Physicality


Despite his size, there is an over-whelming urge for Köenig to avoid hitting his opponent with any real sting. Obviously this is something he will need to address before he gets to the VHL as teams demand that ability from their forwards to ensure success at the elite level. He does play with an active stick and can disrupt the plays and generally perform his defensive duties decently, but at this point his lack of physicality is a real issue that will need attention from his coaches as soon as possible.



- Defense


A glaring weakness in Köenigs game is his poor defensive play. As a relatively inexperienced player, he has spent a little too much time developing his strong offensive talents and has almost forgotten that hockey has another aspect to it. He is often out of position and late to arrive in the defensive zone, allowing the opposition to get a lot of shots on goal. It's a major liability and he should be prepared to put in some long hours to develop this part of his game as it can only benefit his draft stock and overall ability.


    - Discipline


Bismarck still holds a lot of resentment about the treatment of his father and has been known to take out his anger on the opposing players. Besides being an unattractive part of his game, it also leads to large periods of time being spent in the penalty box, punishing his team for his ridiculous behaviour and poor decision making. It's an area that he seems determined to work on, but knowing he has a short fuse, he will be a target for smart opponents and coaching staff who will attempt to bait him into rash decisions.




Köeng will need to develop a thicker skin if he is to survive the VHL.


The Final Word


Bismarck Köenig is a big center who is smart, can make plays and can impact the game in multiple ways. He's the type of player who will be coveted by many VHL clubs because of his combination of size and skill. Some scouts have suggested him as a top-3 pick, but he would need to improve his defense and discipline before he should be put in that range.

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Overview- 3/3 - Seemed like more than enough to me. 

Grammar- 2/2 - A few minor things, but it didn't distract. Mostly apostrophes.  

Ice Hockey -- ice hockey

Bismarcks future. -- Bismarck's

circumstances” said Bismarck. -- circumstances,"

fathers work ethic -- father's

despite having just a capacity for 4800 spectators. -- having capacity for just (it might not be "wrong," but it reads weird in its original format)

owner, Dieter Hennik was arrested -- owner, Dieter Hennik, was arrested

clubs future - club's

fathers blessing -- father's

Presentation- 1/1 - Looks great!

Pros- 2/2 - Fine

Cons- 2/2 - Fine

Overall- 10/10

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