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Claimed:Bismarck Köenig:Rookie Profile


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Name - Bismarck Köenig

Nationality: German

Position - Center

Height - 6'4

Weight - 202 lbs

Jersey Number - 10

VHLM Team - Moscow Red Wolves

Player Type - Sniper


The VHLM Phase


Bismarck left Germany earlier this year, after there was strong interest shown from VHL scouts looking for top end European talent. The former Iserlohn Rooster made the decision after financial troubles plagued his former team, and he had no hesitation in signing a VHLM letter of intent.

He was subsequently placed on waivers towards the end of Season 40 and after a battle between several franchises he was eventually claimed by the Moscow Red Wolves who held the highest waiver priority. He is currently playing on the teams top line and is looking forward to adjusting to the VHLM's style of play and contributing to the team wherever possible.


The next step in the VHLM process will be the Season 41 Dispersal draft, where Bismarck hopes to be drafted by a competitive franchise in order to compete for a Founders Cup, and to display his talents for the VHL scouts.



Köenig is looking forward to a full VHLM season


The Vitals aka Strengths & Weaknesses




Bismarck is absolutely lethal in front of the goal. He has focused his early training on ways to improve his shot, in the hopes that he will produce some impressive statistical output in season 41. He has an incredibly fast release and has impressive accuracy for someone new to the VHLM. Only time will tell, but all signs point to a mass amount of points in his first full season in the league.




With an almost effortless stride, Bismarck glides across the ice with ease. With his strong physique

he has developed a smooth, rhythmic style that sees him get up and down the ice very quickly. He is very strong on his skates and is hard to push off the puck. He can use his skating ability to create open space which will create opportunities and if he can show continual improvement he could become of the best skaters in the VHLM.




With a strong work ethic inherited from his sporting star father, Bismarcks determination to use any opportunity available to improve, will see him develop into a fantastic player. There are not many other players that would work as hard to fine tune his game and on the ice he is known as one of those tireless players that seems to go on and on. He works just as hard off the ice, contributing to many hockey related charities including the Sergey Brovalenko Literacy Foundation.




For all the work he puts in to improve his offensive firepower, it's not the same case defensively. This has resulted in Bismarck being a bit of a liability defensively, something that may eventually be a detriment to his draft stock, as well as possibly cost his team some wins. He will need to improve in this area considerably if he is to become the dominant young forward that many expect.




Another area that he will need to work on is his temper and general discipline. He still harbors a lot of resentment over the treatment his father(racism allegation) and it easily affects him if provoked. The time he will ultimately spend in the penalty box could have a negative effect on his team and it's really not the style of player he wants to become. If he can work on this area of his game he will become a more well rounded player.




With his 6'4 frame you would think that the physical aspects of the game would be of interest to Köenig, but no. He tends to avoid contact, which has been noted by several scouts already. His sniping style doesn't really suit the concept of checking but he will need to work on hitting to become a truly dominant forward. The VHLM doesn't really demand high hit totals but at least having the ability to do so will definitely contribute to his teams success and his prospect status.



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Content: 5/5 - Everything was enjoyable, and this made it worth 5 by itself: Sergey Brovalenko Literacy Foundation

Grammar: 1/1 - Couple of minor things.


teams top line -- team's

Bismarcks determination -- Bismarck's

available to improve, will see him -- no comma

treatment his father -- of his

Appearance: 1/1 - No boobs, but looks good.

Over 500 Words? 1/1

Overall 8/8

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