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Claimed:End of Season Interview+Tid Bits w/ Captain Boychuk [Final: 6/6]


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With the season ended and the playoffs just around the corner, excitement has started to fill the air. To nobody's surprise, the New York Americans have repeated as the number one team in the league. This season, they have boasted a 60-11-1 record easily beating out the 2nd overall team in the Cologne Express, who have 21 points less than them. Just like the last time, New York is a favourite to win the Cup and are looking to repeat as champions once again. This remains to be seen, but they look to be not much different of a squad than before.


In Season 40, Nicklas Lindberg has topped the league in points. Playing for both Vasteras and Riga this year being in a trade, he managed 129 points. 97 points in 51 games with Vasteras, and 32 points in 21 games with Riga. The next best to him was Wesley Kellinger of the Cologne Express with 116 points. Odin Tordahl was known to hold this title in seasons prior but Lindberg surpassed him in the standings. One has to think that Lindberg may have had an even crazier year if he had stayed with the Iron Eagles since he had a better point pace with them than he did the Reign.






One player that many wonder about is the captain of the Calgary Wranglers. Travis Boychuk was a Top 10 player in the VHL for his first 2 seasons in the league, but this time he appears to have dropped off in production. This time around, the Wranglers are a more balanced team than before adding a few pieces to their roster. Although not expected of Boychuk, the drop in progress is nothing to be too disappointed about. Boychuk had 66 points in 72 games, with 33 of those being goals. One has to think that the arrival of veteran Thomas Landry has something to do with that. Landry has taken the reigns this season of the Wranglers and they are looking to ride that into the playoffs. With the playoffs on the horizon, we bring to you an interview with the captain in Calgary, Travis Boychuk.


Interviewer: With the season all done with, how do you feel about where your team is right now?

TB: We are definitely an underdog this year, but I have high beliefs that we can seriously make a mark in this post-season. We have all of the right pieces, but we just need to put them together in the right ways.


Interviewer: It has become more than apparent this season that you have had a pretty big drop off in points compared to what we have seen before. Any comments?

TB: I am pretty disappointed in myself this season. The team has been better this year though, that's for sure. For myself, it just has not been there like it has before. Our team is a more well-balanced roster and there are more and more players with the skill set to produce here. Although I have not been there as much this season point-wise, I have been involved in the plays. I will work my hardest to get back to the level I was once at.






Interviewer: Many people have their doubts, but how far do you think your team could go this year in the post-season?

TB: Honestly, I think we could win it all. Obviously there is some very tough competition this season. If my team and I can play how we know we are capable of playing, then we can go much further than last season. We were all disappointed of our 1st Round exit last season, but we have a much better team this year and are looking to prove that. We are also looking to give Thomas Landry a well-deserved exit in his career.


Interviewer: Last of all, with you 30th overall in points, do you have any plans for a change in training in the off-season?

TB: That is not something I am thinking about right now, but it seems like a good idea. I am used to doing the same things every off-season but now would be a good time to change that. For the moment, my team and I are gearing up for the playoffs and want to show the league who we are.

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