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Kyle Kingma





Kyle Kingma was born in Mansfield, Ohio to two Canadian nationals. Kyle's parents naturally wanted to get him into hockey as early as possible, and therefore he was skating while he was still in diapers. Kyle started playing organized hockey at the age of four and was his skating ability was leaps and bounds ahead of players two to three years older than him. 




Kyle played youth hockey in the Ohio Minor Hockey Association (OMHA) until the age of 14. When he was 12, he set the OMHA record for scoring in all categories 140 goals, 180 assists for 320 points in 35 games. That year, he also lead his team to the state championship. Kyle would go on to win a total of three state championships in consecutive years. He was also named Ohio's Mr. Hockey his final two years in the league.




At age 14, Kyle attended the Shattuck St. Mary's preparatory school and played for their powerhouse hockey team. In three years at SSM, Kyle excelled on and off the ice, earning a 4.3 GPA and multiple ivy league college offers after graduating high school early. While at SSM, Kyle lead the nation in scoring twice and won two national championships.


Year   GP   G    A       P  

 FR     60   30   74    104

 SO     60   75  120   195

 JR      75   94  113   207




Kyle joined the US National Development Team (U18) after graduating from SSM. Due to his leadership on and off the ice, he was named assistant captain of the team. That year, Kyle also Captained the US World Junior team and earned a silver medal in the tournament in Oslo.


   Team       GP   G    A       P  

 USNDTP     53   60   74    134

  USJWC       8    15    8      23


Joining the VHL

Kyle joined the VHL and declared himself eligible for the VHL and VHLM drafts early on in Season 40. He was claimed off of waivers by the Bern Royals and worked hard to bring himself up to a competitive level with the skill of the league. In his first season, Kyle's stats with the Royals were:


Team       GP   G    A       P   +/-

 Bern        48   21   26    47   -6





Size: Kyle shows great upside in his size. At 6'3", 250 lbs, Kyle is a solid hunk of American power. His workout regimen is impeccable; running three miles daily and having a max bench press of 350 pounds. Kyle dominates in the corners and can often times physically overpower the defender on one-on-one situations.


Puck Control: Kyle's ability to maintain control of the puck on the rush gives his team many options on the attack. He does a great job at forcing the defense to collapse too early as well as slowing the play down when necessary and setting up the cycle. As the game goes on, the other team plays a very conservative defensive game as being overly aggressive against Kingma can spell doom for them very quickly.


Smarts: Kyle sees the game much like Gretzky did. He has an innate ability to see where the play will be and makes his moves accordingly. He's a true student of the game and spends hours before each game studying tape and learning his opponent's tendencies. If he can be paired up in the future with another line mate who sees the game like himself, the results could be record shattering.



Backcheck: Because Kyle is always anticipating the play up ice, he sometimes hesitates to get too deep into his own zone. He can sometimes be selfish in thinking that his skills are far too valuable to be utilized in his own end. If he learns to throw his weight around inside his blue line, he may be the best two-way forward since Mike Modano.


Discipline: Kyle can sometimes be too aggressive on the forecheck and he can draw some unnecessary penalties due to a lack of self control. He's often times double or triple teamed by his opponents which can frustrate him and cause him to become to aggressive. A sign of his maturity will be his ability to let things go and keep with the play.


Overthinking: Kyle sometimes tends to over think scoring situations causing them to unnecessarily breaking down. On two-on-ones, he will think pass before shoot and will think of a way to get the defender out of position. This sometimes takes too long and he will then try to be crafty by bouncing it off the end board which never works. He needs to learn to trust in his abilities and play to his strengths.


Best Potential: Mark Messier

Low Potential: Nathan Horton







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Content: 2.5/3 This was a real good read. The childhood of your player was a nice set up. It's great to have another American born player. It did however seem a little on the short side.

Grammar: 2/2 Nothing really noteworthy

Presentation: 1/1

Pros: 2/2 Yeah

Cons: 2/2 Sure


Grade: 9.5/10

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  • Senior Admin

Content: 2.5/3

This was a good write-up, but it was definitely lacking content and depth. I found you didn't really talk about Kingma's personal life much at all and really pros/cons made up the entire meat of the biography, which isn't necessarily a good thing.


Grammar: 2/2


at the age of four and was his skating ability was = at the age of four and his skating ability was


Presentation: 0.5/1

Pictures are too frequent and too large. Breaks the text up into tiny little paragraphs.


Pros: 2/2

Good work, over 200 words.


Cons: 2/2



Overall: 9/10

FINAL: 9/10

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