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The Davos Draft Situation


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Davos Looks Forward to the Draft

What to expect from second-year GM Jack Reilly


DAVOS, SWITZERLAND -- As the HC Davos front office watches the VHL playoffs unfold from home, general manager Jack Reilly has clear cut wishes in terms of who moves on from one round to another.  "We obviously want Quebec City selfishly to beat Calgary and New York, as well as Riga or Helsinki to beat Cologne," Reilly states, "Ideally, Riga would beat Helsinki and Cologne, but I'm not as worried about that.


If the ideal situation plays out, the draft order in the first round would be as follows:


1. Seattle

2. Stockholm

3. HC Davos

4. Stockholm (via Toronto)

5. HC Davos (via Calgary)

6. Helsinki

7. HC Davos (via Cologne)

8. New York

9. Toronto OR Seattle (via Riga OR Quebec)

10. Seattle OR Toronto (via Quebec OR Riga)


In this case, Davos would have 3 picks in the top 7 and give them a great chance to continue building on their foundation, which already includes Joshua Rubin, Vladamir Komarov, Kurtis Hunter, and Freedom McJustice.  Davos will also have picks 12 and 13 in the draft to start the second r0und.


If Jack Reilly does his job, that should be good enough to almost field a full team (with two more first round picks to come in the S42 draft).  The future is bright in Switzerland.

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