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Don Draper, a great guy


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I was chatting Draper the other day and he gets discouraged when I tell him he sucks every day, so I told him I would dedicate an xm radio to his amazingness to cheer him up. 


So I met Mr. Draper when he was my draftee on Yukon. TBH, I started hatin on Draper before it became popular. We had some fun chats and times in the locker room.


It wasn't for a while that I realized Draper was a whore. A tpe whore. Draper cheated on me for all other kinds of tpe. He likes the tpe you have to pay money for pleasure, he likes the tpe that you have to work for, and he likes other tpe. 




Anyway, Mr. Draper is a great guy. I love chatting him pretty much daily. When he was with me as my assistant GM, his GMly intelligence was already pretty evident, and I believe he is on track to win the cup this season.


So Draper, when you ask why I say "u suk"


its cause i wuv u


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