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The Wise Words of RED


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I have spoken to a great many people on this site. There are some with whom I have spoken many times, while others have been one time occasions. One person with whom I particularly enjoy conversing is Romanes Eunt Domus, formerly known as OCAirlines, known to some as Winters (that might just be me at this point). We have a grand time. He's pretty cool, even if he is an old geezer (sorry, man). I will now share some words of wisdom given to me just for this little article.

“You have to make your own experiences. People can tell you a lot about life and the world but if you don't experience things and meet people yourselves, you'll never really get a deep understanding of things. So don't by afraid to try new things and meet new people.” - This is pretty sweet advice. I think that a lot of people spend their whole lives hiding in their own circles. This applies to myself just as much as it applies to anybody else, we need to branch out and, in RED's words, “experience things and meet people.”


“Just try to keep an open mind throughout your whole life. Some people never had an open mind, others did when they were young but lost it later in life, you have to make sure that you aren't one of these people. There is nothing more important than being open to new ideas or points of view that contradict your own. It will help you grow as a person all your life if you do your best to understand other peoples arguments and motivations, even if they seem like terrible people at first.” This is good, too. Lots of people who are applying to college right now have their whole lives planned out, and have since they were little. College here, grad school there, working in this field, and then dying of stress at the age of sixty seven. RED is, I believe, saying that we need to have some wiggle room. The way we think and feel at the age of eighteen may be completely different from the way we think and feel at the age of twenty, or even nineteen. We shouldn't be so set in our ways that we can never change.


In closing, dear readers, I will leave you with one last piece of advice from RED himself, with no explanation.

“Oh, and do sports, there are very few things that are more healthy and rewarding in life.”

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