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Hello, I guess?


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I'm also mpclardy on the SHL, for those of you who frequent said site. Just kinda testing this new system. I hear the discussion and classiness is nice here with the nice site so I figured why not.


I am using my actual background for this new player, so feel free to ask questions.


What jobs are open? Seems like those are good things to have.

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From Texas I see, did you play hockey growing up? What was it like?

I actually played Roller Hockey growing up and always loved the game of ice hockey, but we didn't have the money to play. It was fun being in Dallas though when the Stars won their Cup.

I'm in HTown now for college so it's been interesting going from a national hockey market to a non-existent one. The Aeros left when I got there so that was depressing...

I've hockey in Texas is interesting because while it's cool and has its own following its always severely overshadowed by football

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Another Texan! HELLLL YEAH!!!

Was it just easier to say Dallas than Southlake, Plano, or Frisco? Lol

Yeah, from the DFW area, right next to the airport, where you at?

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Yeah lol, I'm in Coppell


Aight, not bad, my grandmother used to live there.


You coming down to HTown any time soon? I'll get lunch with ya

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