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S42 VHLM Dispersal Draft


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:vhlm:S42 VHLM Dispersal Draft :vhlm:


Round 1:


1.   :brm: BRAMPTON BLADES (From Ottawa): E'Twaun Delicious

2.   :ber: BERN ROYALS: Josh Merica

3.    :mos: MOSCOW RED WOLVES (From Minot): Michael Clardy

4.  :min: MINOT GLADIATORS:(From Oslo from Moscow): Vogon Jeltz

5.   :min: MINOT GLADIATORS (From Moscow): Hans Wingate

6.   :brm: BRAMPTON BLADES: Bronson Faux

7.    :mos: MOSCOW RED WOLVES (From Turku from Minot): Chuck Goody

8.   :ott: OTTAWA LYNX: (From Saskatoon via Brampton): Benjamin Zeptenbergs

9.   :ber: BERN ROYALS (From Yukon): Severin von Karma

10.   :ott: OTTAWA LYNX:  (From Bratislava via Brampton): Francis York Morgan


Round 2:


11.   :ott: OTTAWA LYNX: Thomas Duddy

12.   :ber: BERN ROYALS: Golden Jedtsson 

13.    :ber: BERN ROYALS (From Oslo): Ken Anderson

14.    :mos: MOSCOW RED WOLVES (From Minot): Jed Mosley

15.     :min: MINOT GLADIATORS (From Moscow): Callum Sinclair

16.   :ott: OTTAWA LYNX (From Brampton): Pablo Escabar

17.   :ott: OTTAWA LYNX (From Turku): Jorma Ruutu

18.   :brm: BRAMPTON BLADES (From Saskatoon From Bern): Artemis Fowll

19.    :ssk: SASKATOON WILD (From Yukon): Ryan Carlson 

20.   :brm: BRAMPTON BLADES (From Bratislava): Franklin Romanowski 


Round 3:


21.     :ott: OTTAWA LYNX: Souryuu Kaminogi

22.   :osl:OSLO STORM (From Bern): Theo Matsikas

23.   :osl: OSLO STORM: Joakim Videl

24.    :min: MINOT GLADIATORS: Barney Tuzis

25.  :mos: MOSCOW RED WOLVES: Santi Piñeiro

26.    :ott: OTTAWA LYNX (From Brampton): Holy the Goalie

27.   :brt: Bratislava Watchmen (From Turku): Stabby McFullO'Schmidt

28.  :mos: MOSCOW RED WOLVES (From Saskatoon): Jim Moriarty

29.    :yuk: YUKON RUSH: Jacob Winters

30.   :ott: OTTAWA LYNX (From Bratislava): Kewl Runnins


Round 4:


31.   :ott: OTTAWA LYNX:  Zachary Young

32.   :ber: BERN ROYALS: Dan Humphrey

33.    :osl: OSLO STORM: Joe Moore

34.  :min: MINOT GLADIATORS: John Moretta

35.  :mos: MOSCOW RED WOLVES: Not Active

36.      :brm: BRAMPTON BLADES: Larry Esposito

37.   :tur: Turku Outlaws: Kawkh Blawka 

38.  :ssk: Saskatoon Wild: Scott Kibbie

39.      :yuk: YUKON RUSH: Thor Weinstein

40.    :brt: Bratislava Watchmen: Martin Van Nostrand


Centers (9) 

Bronson Faux, 73 TPE

Jacob Winters, 0 TPE

Joe Moore, 0 TPE

John Moretta, 0 TPE

Kawkh Blawka, 0 TPE

Santi Piñeiro, 0 TPE

Severin von Karma, 86 TPE

Zachary Young, 0 TPE


Left Wings (6)

Benjamin Zeptenbergs, 62 TPE

Joakim Videl, 30 TPE

Thomas Duddy, 31 TPE

Souryuu Kaminogi, 33 TPE

Josh Merica, 0 TPE

Dan Humphrey, 0 TPE 


Right Wings (4)

Barney Tuzis, 11 TPE

E'Twaun Delicious, 101 TPE

Scott Kibbie, 0 TPE

Larry Esposito, 0 TPE

Ryan Carlson, 0 TPE

Kewl Runnins, 0 TPE


Defencemen (16)

Merlin Malinowski, 0 TPE

Artemis Fowll, 36 TPE

Martin Van Nostrand, 0 TPE

Ken Anderson, 91 TPE

Thor Weinstein, 0 TPE

Chuck Goody, 33 TPE

Vogon Jeltz, 78 TPE

Theo Matsikas, 0 TPE

Stabby McFullO'Schmidt, 0 TPE

Pablo Escabar, 0 TPE

Michael Clardy, 0 TPE

Jed Mosley, 0 TPE

Golden Jedtsson, 42 TPE

Franklin Romanowski, 0 TPE

Francis York Morgan, 0 TPE



Goaltenders (4)

Callum Sinclair, 181 TPE

Hans Wingate, 128 TPE

Not Active, 0 TPE

Jim Moriarty, 10 TPE

Holy the Goalie, 0 TPE  

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