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The Polar Dip


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Over this past weekend, Phil Villeneuve's agent, Phil Knight (who stupidly has a rule that he only signs clients that share his first name) decided that jumping multiple times through a cut out hole in the ice was a great way to spend Sunday morning.


He went up North, build Snow shelters, slept in them, did some icy high ropes and leaps of faith, and of course, skinny dipped in ice water, fully submerged, before, during and after sweating out in a sauna. 


He believes that this trip (a mandatory requirement for a university degree) will help him acquire the skills to find the hidden hockey gems in this country and tap into a unique supply of Northern Girl Booty. 


While we are still trying to decipher the meaning behind that last paragraph, it looks like Villeneuve will be up for grabs this off-season. Riga, after losing to the New Rig Americans, will be rebuilding and moving on from their core of players that handled the organization, leading them to a cup in S40,


Anyway, I had a great weekend. How was yours?

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