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S41 Off-Season [MIN/MOS]


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Minot Receives:

S42 1st (Oslo, 4th overall)

S42 1st (Moscow, 5th overall)

S42 2nd (Moscow, 15th overall)

S43 1st (Moscow) S44 1st (Moscow)




Moscow Receives:

S42 1st (Minot, 3rd overall)

S42 1st (Turku, 7th overall)

S42 2nd (Minot, 14th overall)

S43 2nd (Minot)


It's hard not to move up and then down one. It seals the fate of a couple things, but at the end of the day is me moving up to 5, and gaining a S43 1st. I can't complain. 

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I accept. Made this deal to help make a few things happen, in the long run we feel it should help us achieve our goals here in Moscow. Thanks to Enigma and mpclardy for working this out

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