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Schizophrenia In Seattle?


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Schizophrenia In Seattle?



SEATTLE - In need of a job in the Victory Hockey League? The Seattle Bears want you! Just kidding, no they don't. They actually think you suck, that's why you don't have a job. But then again, they do think you're pretty rad and could use you. What's going on? If you've been listening to XM Radio the last few days, you've likely heard these bizarre, contradictory ads put out by the Seattle Bears. But what in the Sam Hill is going on?


The Bears are a young team with a solid core to build upon. An excellent place for young talent to head to as they are shaping up to be a force for seasons to come. Or you could listen to the negatory ad and instead go to the Cologne Express, quite possibly the VHL's least favorite destination in free agency. Seems as if they've accepted that their only way to attract free agents is to make the other teams considerably less favorable, a tactic that Ilya Bryzgalov used to great success last year. 


But really, is this worth all the trouble that it's being made out to be? Clearly it is, considering you just read this article. So do the sensible thing: don't join either team. Just go to Davos and laugh at the league from afar on their glorious throne. 


Jethro Novacek is a writer for the MSFL Times, making him approximately 67.82% better than you according to science. He enjoys launching soda bottles into orbit, sharing the joy of Bill Nye the Science Guy with children worldwide and publicly masturbating.

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