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Playoff Preview North American Conference


With the Victory Hockey League just over the half-way point of the season, the playoff picture in the North American conference is already starting to take shape. With New York in full blown re-build mode and the Seattle Bears faltering so far to date, we already know the three teams that will be competing come playoff time in the VHL. In this week’s article we’ll take a look at the three teams destined for the playoffs and their chances at winning it all come seasons end.





Calgary Wranglers (39GP, 29W, 10L, 61PTS)



After losing in heartbreaking fashion last season to the Helsinki Titans in game 7 of the Continental Cup finals, General Manager Jason Glasser decided in the off-season to give it one more kick at the can. With star players like Volodymyr Rybak and Clark Marcellin still in the fold for one more year for Calgary, the Wranglers brass believed if they could add a piece or two to the roster they would have another great shot at repeating as Devon Marlow-Marta champions and once again end up competing for another Continental Cup. During the off-season the team went looking for the help they needed and ended up scoring big with two trades the club pulled off. First they acquired three time Aiden Shaw trophy winning goaltender Alexander Labatte for the New York Americans for first and second round draft choices which is been all but worth it so far this season. The second trade the Wranglers made was for Riga Reign forward Michal Wozniak, this time the team parted ways with a season thirty-six first round pick. Wozniak has played exceptionally well in his first and only season in Calgary so far leading the team in goals with thirty-eight, and points with eighty-five. Both trades have helped Calgary vault themselves into first place currently in the North American conference and come playoff time those two veterans along with Rybak and Marcellin could very well catapult the Wranglers to their first championship win in five seasons.


Toronto Legion (39GP, 28W, 11L, 58PTS)



The Legion came ever so close to joining the playoffs last season in the VHL, but found themselves on the outside looking in when the dust settled. Many of the teams core put in a lot of hard work last season only to taste the bitter sweet feeling of disgust when everything was said and done, but none of the roster gave up heading into season thirty-five. The Legion find themselves currently in second place in the North American conference thanks in large part to the play of last season’s Aiden Shaw trophy recipient Remy LeBeau. LeBeau currently leads the league in save percentage with a .932 and goals against average with a 1.66. It looks as though LeBeau is on his way to another Shaw trophy and hopefully for his team’s sake a long and stellar playoff run. The one thing that could hurt the Legions chances on taking home their first continental cup in six seasons would have to be their very sporadic offense.  


Quebec City Meute (38GP, 28W, 10L, 57PTS)



The Meute have had the upper hand of the two expansion franchises since coming into the league back in season thirty-one. The Meute want to take it one step forward by being the first expansion franchise to raise the continental cup over their heads and they looked poised to make that a reality this season. With many up and coming stars on their roster many picked the Meute to be competing as the North American conference representative in the Continental cup finals this season and last. The Meute only have two natural defensemen on the roster this season but it isn’t defense that has been their biggest concern to this point. They like the Toronto Legion have had trouble finding the back of the net so far, especially when it comes to scoring on special teams. The Meute have only scored thirty-one power play goals so far this season, which has them sitting fifth in the league in that category. The penalty kill has also been an area of concern with the Meute as they sit sixth in penalty kill percentage at 83.54. The Meute have the horses to carry them to the playoffs but will it be enough to make their first Continental Cup finals appearance? 

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Content: 3/3 - Pretty good look at the three teams in the hunt for the North American Conference, including their strengths and areas of concern. It's shaping up to be an incredibly tight race and God help the conference if LeBeau goes into the playoffs on fire.
Grammar: 2/2 - Pretty good here.
the teams core = the team's core
bitter sweet = bittersweet
continental cup = Continental Cup
Appearance: 1/1 - Because sure!
Overall: 6/6 - Yessum!
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Content: 3/3 - The North American Conference should be extremely interesting this year. I can't look up the current standings because the Index is down right now, but I know I'm personally pulling for Calgary to make it out of there this year, just because I won a Continental Cup there with Jim. Either way, all three teams have a legitimate chance to make some noise in the playoffs this season.


Grammar: 1.5/2 - A couple more and a somewhat large list overall. All are minor mistakes and the article itself still flows, so not a huge deal.


for the New York Americans = from the New York Americans

which is been = which has been

North American conference = North American Conference (x3)


Appearance: 1/1 - Solid.


Overall: 5.5/6


FINAL: 6/6

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