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It Was Fun While It Lasted


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Well my rein as the general manager of the Seattle Bears was short lived. It turns out Greg was not kidnapped by Russian spies and he was just away for the weekend. While it was a short term, I feel it was not only necessary for me to take over, but very productive in the matter. No i did not trade away my entire roster for fourth round picks, nor did I acquire a group of VHL superstars for our miracle playoff run, yet alone one VHL superstar. Hell I didn't even change the lines while I was top dog in Seattle. But you know what I did. I brought stability in a time of need, I was a rock that stuck Seattle between a hard place and myself. I stopped possibly the greatest tyrant, Kesler, from trying to take the team over and sending the VHL into a dark age. Some will call me a hero, hell maybe even sing tales of my triumphs as the interim whatever I was. Most if not all will forget this even happened right after they read this short tale of glory and despair. But the real question is, would I do it again? Knowing all I know now, would i still bite the bullet and fill in Greg's shoes?




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