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IMPORTANT: Point Task Structure & TPE Cap

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In the VHL you are allowed to do one of the following for your weekly point task:


The point task section is found here. Each user is allowed to complete only one point task per week - even if you retire and recreate through the week. TPE earned from point tasks is capped, and thus will count towards the 12 TPE/week cap as explained below.


A week is classified from 12:01 AM EST on Monday to 11:59 PM EST on the following Sunday.


When posting a point task in the VHL, you MAY NOT use anything that has been graded in another league. First offence will result in a warning. Second offence will result in removal of the point task and you will not be allowed to post a replacement for that week. Additional offences will result in point task suspensions or forum suspensions, at the discretion of the commissioners. 


Biographies and Rookie Profiles are special point tasks that can be completed ONCE during the course of a players career. These can be completed at any time, therefore they are the only exception to rule of completing only one point task per week.


You may not submit point tasks until you have a player, and you may not store point tasks for future players.



The maximum amount of capped TPE any member in the VHL can earn is 12 TPE/week (Monday-Sunday). Capped TPE includes any TPE earned from the point tasks listed above, articles or VHL Radio podcasts, and any league jobs (i.e. grading, mag writers). You can also conduct Press Conferences each week to earn some capped TPE. 


TPE earned that does not count towards the 12 TPE/week cap is considered to be uncapped TPE. This would include:

Any other uncapped TPE that is claimed will be subject to commissioner review. 

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