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Claimed:Brampton versus Bern: The Season Series [Final 6/6]


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Brampton versus Bern: The Battle of the Best




The VHLM has turned into a competition between the Bern Royals and the Brampton Blades as the rest of the league falls further behind these two exemplary organizations. This likely will be the finals with Bern emerging from Europe and Brampton representing North America. Assuming the two best teams emerge victorious let’s see how they have matched up this season.


The overall series stands pretty close to even slightly favouring Bern (4-3-1) with two more games to be played. This record hides the true story line that has grown between the two clubs this season. Brampton consistently beat Bern throughout the early part of the season but in the past few weeks Bern put a commanding stamp on the series with two huge wins over their North American rivals.


Early Blade Dominance


  1)      Bern 2 Brampton 3

2)      Brampton 1 Bern 

           3)      Brampton 4 Bern 3 – SO

  4)      Brampton 5 Bern 3

  5)      Brampton 3 Bern 2


Bern Retribution


  6)      Bern 2 Brampton 1

  7)      Bern 5 Brampton 0

  8)      Brampton 1 Bern 6


With those two one sided games it would be easy to say that Bern has solidified themselves as the top team in the VHLM without any real opposition but lets’ take a closer look at the what led to their individual successes.


Keys for Brampton




Maxime Perron

For obvious reasons the attention in Brampton has been focused on Sam Teibert and Valentin Taneyev but Maxime Perron has been the difference making offensively in the series against Bern. In Brampton’s four wins versus Bern Maxime Perron got 4 goals and 5 points, as well as the shootout winner in the third meeting. In their four loses he was completely invisible getting zero points. Depth is important and Perron will be called on to step up come playoffs.


Find Special Team Success

Throughout the season Brampton has had incredible success on the power play with a 24.57% success rate. However against Bern they are a measly 10% on thirty attempts. Considering they only scored once in their last two games against Bern they need the power play to actually produce and not just give momentum to the opposition.


Along the same lines as the power play, Brampton has had great success on the pk this season. With the second best penalty kill in the league, killing 86.27% attempts. Unfortunately they have had no success against Bern only killing 66.67%, a full 20% worse than average. Not going to have success in the post season if Bern scores almost every other power play.


Keys for Bern




Win Some Face-offs

Bern has not been a good faceoff team this year sitting 5th overall but they perform remarkably poorly against Brampton; only winning 36% of defensive end face-offs. This leads to a ton of sustained pressure, a perfect example of this is the 5-3 loss where Tim TebowGow went 7/25 and Markus Muller went 7/21. They need to win some more defensive draws to relieve the pressure off Bernie Gow.


The Real Josh Merica Must Stand Up

There is no doubt in anybody’s mind that Josh Merica is a premier talent, with 128 points through 65 games, but his performance against Brampton has been lack luster at best.


In Loses 4gp 0g 1a 1p

In Wins 4gp 2g 2a 4p


Even in the wins Merica is not producing near his normal rate. He has actually only scored in one of the eight games. If Merica goes invisible like this for an entire series Bern could find themselves in trouble, despite their recent success against Brampton.


In Conclusion

Overall the games between these two clubs have been remarkably close. A finals series between these dynamic offenses will be one for the ages, especially if Brampton can return to their early season form. Despite this given Bern’s late season charge it should surprise no one to see Bern end the season as champions.


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Content: 3/3 - Great in-depth article. Definitely an interesting read.


Grammar: 2/2 -


"but lets’ take" - let's

"has been the difference making offensively" - difference maker

"In their four loses" - losses

"In Loses" - Losses

Appearance: 1/1 - Good!

Overall: 6/6

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