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My Gift for Munk


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We had a competition in the Calgary lr a few days back to receive a gift, and Munk won.


Munk is a wee young lad, but a good lad at that. My first ever interaction with Munk was when I drafted him to yukon in s35, I sent him a message asking if he was going to be active, and he sent me a message saying "no fak u!"


Munk then refused to update his player for the entire season, and then updated his player literally 5 minutes before the playoff updates for Yukon. I had Munk on Yukon for 3 seasons, and it was really fun chillun with Munk in the lr. Here are some of the accomplishments of Munk over those 3 seasons.


-Draper now is Graper

- Higgins now is Higglypuffs or Higgles or Higglypuffins

- I am now birdboy

- His player always win cups for some reason

- He makes me laugh once a day


-- Kat fesler





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I'm older than you, you lil' git. 



<3 thanks for being the annoying voice that entertained me enough to re-spark my interest in the league. 



ps legu he kiddin i nawt in kiggy lawker rewm pls dnt chegh 

Edited by Munk
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