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Claimed:Ruutu gets touched by Jesus [Final 6/6]


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One season in VHLM is a long and tough period. Injuries are part of the daily life when you are a hockey player.It´s often up to the player to make sure he rests and eats correctly during the season. All the smaller things can make the biggest difference when getting closer to end of the season and playoffs. Some players might already be out for rest of the season due to injuries. Most players still soldier on and play with smaller injuries. Sometimes you just can´t do so and you are forced to watch the games from home. 
One of the players who has really taken the  injury prevention and keeping yourself fit into another level is Ottawa Lynx forward , Jorma Ruutu. We heard some rumours little while ago that he has hired a personal physio to travel with him everywhere he goes so we decided to ask few questions about fitness from him after the Blades game last night!
Hey Jorma! How did the game go?
Ruutu: Pretty badly , we lost 3-2.. but I got 1+1 and also , I was the 2nd star of the game so. Average night for me. Tried to get the Gordie Howe trick but the Blades did not want to fight me. Typical from the Blades , 1v1 opportunity but no takers. I guess we need to do the fighting thing later.
You think it was the mustache that made them turn your offer down? 
Ruutu:  Could be , some people like them but then some people dislike them with passin. By the way , what is wrong with my mustache? 
Nothing... I think they look great.. But here is a another question for ya: We heard a rumour that you hired a personal physio? Is that true? also how common is that in VHLM?
Ruutu:  That is correct. I noticed that my calves were super tight after games so I decided to say no to that, went and hired a own physio who can rub me after each games, if needed. I don´t know how common it is to have a personal physio in VHLM but I know for sure that I´m the only one in the Lynx locker room. Other guys are jealous. I can see it from their eyes when they watch me getting massaged. They even asked if my physio could maybe give them a massage? Can you honestly believe that? Damn,the arrogance.
Who is your physio by the way? 
Ruutu: I call him Jesus , because he makes miracles happen. You should feel, how I feel after he is done with me. Pure heaven. I think he is actually from Poland. Saw him in Starbucks and asked if he is looking for a job? At first he said no but when I mentioned how massive his hands were and how much I would be willing to pay him. He said yes pretty quickly. 
Thanks for the interview Ruutu!
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