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Slaughter Leads League in Fights Won


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Local tough guy and good player Tom Slaughter has finished Season 43 as the league leader in fights won with 1 fight won through two fights this past season. With league renowned pussywillow Edwin Encarnacion long retired due to pussiatus, Slaughter is left to carry the load as league enforcer. Some say Edwin retired due to the shame of Slaughter winning fights.

Surprisingly since Tom Slaughter was heralded early in his career as a pussy, he's established himself as a good fighter and a reliable player if physicality is required. As Tom's career winds down, he's slated to finish with more career fights won than lost. Edwin has lost the war.

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Edwin Encarnacion beats up Tom Slaughter at 4:34 of 3rd period

Edwin Encarnacion ejected from game at 4:34 of 3rd period

Never forget!

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But seriously, I'm just gonna go stab myself in the eye if this is where we're at with PIMs. EDWIN DIED SO THAT PIMS COULD LIVE GODDAMNIT!

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