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Claimed:XXX Looks to Finish Career Strong [Final 6/6]


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XXX Looks to Finish Career Strong
The last regular season game may have been played by Xin Xie Xiao (aka XXX), but it just isn’t enough for him, as he is looking to claim a 3rd Continental Cup in the playoffs in his final year of eligibility for the VHL. Playing alongside Thomas O’Malley and the Cologne Express, XXX managed to set a career high in assists and points and plus/minus as he finished 2nd in the points race in the league. In what is possibly his most productive year to date, he beat his old career high of 113 points in S42 by 11 points while still putting up his normal physical playing style with 292 hits. He also had a career high in game winning goals with 12.
Looking back at his overall point totals, he will finish his 8 years in the VHL with 786 points in the regular season, 360 goals and 2366 hits. This could potentially put him just behind Kameron Taylor at the 18th overall on the list and ahead of former teammate Odin Tordahl who sits at 19th with 779 points. His 2366 hits would put him behind Brennan McQueen at 4th place with 2518 hits and ahead of 6th place Karsten Olsen at 2281. For reference, the career leader in hits all time is David Smalling whom has 2692 hits to go along with 758 points and 353 goals scored. His 71 game winning goals will also slot him in at #3.




All in all, quite good of a career for XXX whom has two Continental cup rings as well who broke into the league as a power forward. Of course his success was in the latter part of his career far outweighed his earlier achievements. Originally drafted by the New York Americans with the 3rd overall pick, XXX  was seen as a player with good potential but possible work ethic issues. His offensive potential was not really ever in doubt, he lit up the VHML junior circuit on an otherwise fairly lackluster Saskatoon Wild squad. Fast forward 8 years and he has turned out to be arguably the best player in his S36 draft class. Top draft pick Yumalaptopinto, once touted to be the savior of the Seattle Bears franchise, had a great start to his career before converting himself to the forward position where he was unable to replicate his early success. Eventually he settled into the role of a physical forward that always left fans wanting more from him.  The forward picked ahead of XXX, Robin Gow is the only real competitor in the draft class that could be argued to have reached their potential. Drafted by Riga 2nd overall to lead their forward corps, Gow solidified the #1 center position for the Reign for his entire career, providing the backbone of leadership for the franchise. A strong two way performer, Gow was one of the best in the faceoff dots and was a prime possession player that had several great playoff runs. Production-wise, Gow only ever eclipsed the 100 point barrier once, so the balance does tip in favour of XXX whom posted 4 consecutive seasons of over 100 points and 50 goals.
“You know, it wasn’t just all me. I credit my teammates for a lot of my success. Playing with guys like Tordahl and Slaughter was always fun and those two are really easy to play with. I had the honor of playing with Slaughter quite a bit and he is one of the best player I’ve ever played with and against. The Americans also had a good situation going for me, we had a good core of players with really balanced offense from the all parts of the roster. The coaches allowed me a lot of freedom to play my own game and everything just kind of worked out there. This will be my last chance at the cup, and I’d love to meet Slaughter in the EU finals here if possible” – XXX, Cologne Express



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Content: 3/3 - Great player and great career! Happy I got to play with XXX on the Cup winning S39 NYA team with Zadorov. XXX was really successful. Good luck with your player who will probably be just as good if not better then XXX! ;)

Grammar: 2/2 - Great, did not catch anything.


XXX  was = XXX was (extra space bar; I have to look like I'm at least doing my job  :ph34r: )

Appearance: 1/1 - Lovely.

Overall: 6/6

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