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Wranglers looking towards the future

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Calgary, AB -- When all is said and done, Season 43 was a bit of a disappointment for the Calgary Wranglers. Despite trading for veterans Jaime Hill and Rami Jakobssen in the offseason, as well as adding Hans Wingate to the pro team through the draft, the Calgary Wranglers finished with the worst record in the league. Two losses down the stretch put Calgary with 34 points on the season, 2 points behind Helsinki and 6 points behind Riga.


However, could the future be bright in Calgary? Unlike fellow North American Conference teams Quebec City, Seattle and Toronto, not a single Wranglers player will be undergoing depreciation or retiring. In addition, pending tonight's VHL lottery, the team is guaranteed one of the top two selections in the VHL Draft.


"It's never fun losing, but I don't think we had real ambitions this year," goaltender Hans Wingate says. "We're building towards the future in Calgary, and I think it's going to be bright. I already can't wait to train more in the offseason, and I'm looking forward to next year."


Will he be joined by Edwin Reencarnacion, Kerkko Hyvärinen, or a surprise draft pick? Will the Wranglers make any more moves as other teams sell off? And could next year be the start of a playoff run? We'll give the Wranglers this much: The offseason promises to be extremely exciting.

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