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(HOF S42- Alexander Valiq)


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DAlexander Valiq

Birthplace:Stockholm Sweden
Weight: 234lbs
Jersey Number:5
Drafted:S30 RIG (1/)

Alexander Valiq was one third of the Valiq brothers that joined the VHL in the VHL's third decade, but none of the Valiq's impacted the league quite like young Alexander did. One of the best offensive defenseman to ever play in the league, Valiq was often in the top ten for goal scoring in the league. Although Valiq was originally drafted by the Riga Reign he would leave his legacy with the North American expansion franchise, the Quebec Meute. The story of Alexander Valiq started in season twenty-nine when he first stepped on the ice in the VHLM

Career Awards:

S30 Ryan Sullivan Trophy
S35 Victory Cup 
S35 Devon Marlow-Marta Trophy
S35 Continental Cup

Season 29 Statistics (VHLM):

Regular Season:
S29 (BER) - 72GP / 54G / 69A / 123P / -6 / 71PIM / 154H / 439SH / 6GWG
S29 (BER) - 4GP / 0G / 1A / 1P / -5 / 2PIM / 9H / 10SH / 0GWG

The Bern Royals had the Second Overall pick in the VHLM Dispersal draft, and were looking to shore up their blue-line for the season. A highly touted prospect by name the Alexander Valiq made himself draft eligible who caught the eyes of the Royals management, who ended up choosing him with the pick. When the Royals made the move to pick Valiq, no one at the time knew of what they had at their disposal, but they quickly found out as the season moved on. Valiq played well his first season of professional hockey, finishing second on the Royals roster in goals and points. Valiq logged almost thirty minutes a game with the Royals showing the league the type of workhorse he would be. Valiq and the Royals would make the playoffs, but it was a short lived four game sweep at the hands of the Kolari Panthers. Valiq would take home the Ryan Sullivan trophy for the league's top defenseman in his only season he would play in the VHLM.

Season 30 Statistics (VHL):

Regular Season:
S30 (RIG) - 72GP / 24G / 30A / 54P / +9 / 90PIM / 77H / 241SH / 4GWG

After a very impressive season in the VHLM, Valiq was a shoe-in to go in the top three of the VHL draft. With great names like Ethan Osborne and Yuri Grigorenko in the draft, Valiq who could have been the top pick in any other draft fell to the Riga Reign at third. The Reign were the perfect fit for Valiq to start his career with, as they were a very young up team that had a very high ceiling. Valiq couldn't be sent back to the VHLM without going through waivers, so he made the jump right into the big leagues after the draft. Valiq wouldn't have the season like he did with Bern last year on the rebuilding Reign club, but he put up decent numbers for his first year in the VHL. The Reign would miss the playoffs in the European conference, but the most interesting part of Valiq's year would come in the off-season, with a move to the newly formed Quebec Meute.

Season 31 Statistics (VHL):

Regular Season:
S31 (QUE) - 72GP / 59G / 51A / 110P / -39 / 164PIM / 176H / 639SH / 3GWG

Valiq's agent Pavel Koradek was named the newest VHL general manager after a long search for the two new expansion franchises announced by the league. Koradek was allowed to travel North America looking for the best fit for a new VHL franchise finally settling on Quebec, where the Meute were born and with it came Valiq. Valiq started to show the offensive prowess that he would become known for around the league with his first 100 point season. Valiq finished the season fifth in the league with his fifty-nine goals and third in overall defenseman scoring. After a so-so rookie campaign with the Reign, Valiq seemed to shine early on in the spotlight that he was under with the Expansion Meute.

Season 32 Statistics (VHL):

Regular Season:
S32 (QUE) - 72GP / 56G / 65A / 121P / +7 / 95PIM / 164H / 638SH / 3GWG
S32 (QUE) – 5GP / 1G / 3A / 4P / +/- 0 / 12PIM / 14H / 48SH / 0GWG

More would be from the Meute in their second year in the league and no one knew that more than Alexander. Valiq didn't disappoint the fans or Meute management as he put up another great season in his third year in the league. Valiq finished third in the goal scoring race this year, behind only hall of fame players David Smalling and Phil Rafter. Valiq played well enough to have his name appear on the ballot for the league's top defenseman, but ultimately fell short to eventual winner Elijah Incognito. Some argue that Valiq should have taken home the award this season, but when asked about it the young defender never complained. Valiq would help the Meute experience playoff hockey for the first time in their existence, but the young club would only last five games before being eliminated by the powerhouse New York Americans.

Season 33 Statistics (VHL):

Regular Season:
S33 (QUE) - 72GP / 46G / 46A / 92P / -7 / 21PIM / 115H / 478SH / 5GWG

Season was a tougher year all around for Valiq and the entire Meute organization. With the step forward the team took making the playoffs in season-thirty two and new talent entering the fray in Quebec, fans and management were looking for another step from team. Unfortunately for everyone the team didn't do as well as they would have liked and that included Valiq. Although a ninety-two point season is nothing to scoff at, after two straight 100 plus point seasons, some started to wonder if this Quebec team could ever compete. Valiq still found himself in the top ten in goals once again, but with the team struggling the veteran Valiq was looked upon to try and right the ship.

Season 34 Statistics (VHL):

Regular Season:
S34 (QUE) - 72GP / 39G / 45A / 84P / +42 / 26PIM / 25H / 394SH /11GWG
S34 (QUE) – 7GP / 3G / 9A / 11P / +5 / 7PIM / 7H / 32SH / 0GWG

Season thirty-four was an important season for the Meute. After becoming the bad guys around the league for their player movement during the off-season, the team needed to prove that the moves were not made in vain. Valiq had more help around him than he ever had in his past three seasons in the league, so the goal scoring didn't live and die with his game. Valiq finished third on the roster in points, but had his first under thirty goal season his rookie year in Riga. Valiq finished third in the defenseman scoring race, which led to his being another bridesmaid in the Sterling Labatte trophy race. Valiq and the Meute had a great regular season, which led to a great amount of excitement heading into the playoff match-up with the Calgary Wranglers. Valiq would pour his everything into an exciting seven game series with the Wranglers hoping to help the franchise move to their first cup finals, but Valiq and the rest of the roster would come up short in game seven. Another disappointing season in Quebec for Valiq led to an off-season filled with intense workouts to help Quebec take the next step.

Season 35 Statistics (VHL):

Regular Season:
S35 (QUE) - 72GP / 29G / 40A / 69P / +72 / 58PIM / 88H / 281SH / 6GWG
S35 (QUE) – 13GP / 0G / 6A / 6P / -1 / 4PIM / 15H / 35SH / 0GWG

Season thirty-five was the season the Meute was picked as the cup favourites in Vegas for the first time in franchise history. Many teams have been put under this pressure before only to come up short of their ultimate goal, but Valiq was determined to make sure that didn't happen. The roster was full of talented players which let Valiq become more of an all around defenseman for the first time in his career. With only sixty-nine points on the campaign, many wondered if the blue-liner was starting to wear down from all the wear and tear the past four seasons. Valiq and the Meute would earn a bye to the conference finals with their strong play in the regular season, which would lead to another meeting with the Wranglers. This time around the Meute would get the better of the Wranglers with Valiq played an integral part, logging over thirty minutes in game seven. Valiq would face-off lead the Meute against Helsinki in the finals, including in the series clinching game six where he was a plus 3. Valiq would ensure his celebrity status in Quebec helping bring the first Continental cup to the capital city. After four long season in Quebec that saw a lot of ups and downs, all the time and effort put into getting better everyday on and off the ice had finally paid off for the Swedish defenseman.

Season 36 Statistics (VHL):

Regular Season:
S36 (QUE) - 72GP / 29G / 66A / 95P / +37 / 152PIM / 202H / 232SH / 7GWG

S36 (QUE) – 13GP / 1G / 10A / 11P / +4 / 34PIM / 35H / 26SH / 0GWG

Coming off a championship season last year, Valiq and the entire roster were riding high heading into season thirty-six. Valiq looked to improve his point total from last season after finishing under the point per game game in season thirty-five, and he did just that finished with ninety-five points in seventy-two games. Known as an offensive defenseman throughout his career, Valiq was showing a more balanced game since last year and that continued even with the ninety plus point total. Valiq and the Meute finished in second place behind the Toronto Legion in the North American conference, so the team open the playoff in the semi-finals. The Meute were pushed to the bring by the heavy underdog Seattle Bears before taking the series in seven games, which led to a match-up against the Remy LeBeau led Legion. Valiq played lights-out in the thirteen playoff games, but it wasn't enough to help the Meute push past Toronto. Valiq was unable to led the Meute back to the Continental cup finals in season thirty-six.

Season 37 Statistics (VHL):

Regular Season:
S37 (QUE) - 72GP / 18G / 55A / 73P / +25 / 159PIM / 221H / 210SH / 5GWG

S37 (QUE) – 7GP / 0G / 5A / 5P / -3 / 20PIM / 24H / 19SH / 0GWG

Heading into his seventh season in the VHL it was widely rumoured that Valiq was leaning towards retirement at the season's end, but with nothing said before the season everything proceeded as normal heading into season thirty-seven. The Meute were in a re-staging phase with a re-tool of the roster taking place in the off-season, it was expected that the season wouldn't be the same cake walk they had experienced the past few seasons. Valiq didn't look like himself throughout the season but still had a decent seventy-three point season. As the team was ready to enter the playoff, they called a press conference for a personal announcement. At the press conference Alexander Valiq approached the podium and announced the playoffs would be his last games played in the VHL. The Meute were hoping to send Valiq off with another championship, but the veteran heavy Seattle Bears got the best of Valiq and the Meute in a game seven win. Valiq's time had come to an end in the VHL, but the legacy would live on forever.

Career Totals:

Regular Season:

576GP / 300G / 398A / 698P / +146 / 765PIM / 965H / 3113SH / 44GWG / 


45GP / 5G / 33A / 38P / +5 / 77PIM / 95H / 160SH / 0GWG /

Alexander Valiq played his last game in the VHL on Thursday April 24th, 2014. One of the best defenseman to ever play in the VHL, Valiq would never take home a Sterling Labatte trophy despite being just two points shy of 700 career points. Valiq saw his name amongst the league leaders in goals any times over his seven year career, but the most impressive thing that still stands about his career is the fact he holds four spots in the top ten for most goals in a regular season by a defenseman. Although Valiq doesn't have many personal accolades in his career, playing in one of the best decades for defenseman in VHL history led to being a bridesmaid more times than not. Valiq who could very well be the first face of the franchsie in Quebec will forever be enshrined in the hall of fame as a member of the season forty-two induction class.

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