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Claimed:Advantage's Trade Review - Edition #4 [Final 6/6]


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Advantage's Trade Review - Edition #4




Been a couple weeks since I’ve able to get one of these done but I’m back this week to talk about a few more trades.  Last time I wrote one of these I discussed the trade that saw me move up in the draft to select Andrey Zadorov, where the only solid player that went back was Bennett Wahl.  I also talked about my trade for Simon Tremblay and Keiji Toriyama that saw me add some solid talent around my young core, in a trade for next to nothing.  This week I will look at two trades that I made during the Season Thirty-Six campaign.  While I usually like to make my trades in the off-season, rather than disrupting team chemistry, this was a season that saw me taking a few risks to try and benefit in the long run.


Season 36 Trade -> NYA/COL


To Yp5RCrq.png
(S35) C/D - Tony Stark

To ewqJmFW.png
S37 HSK 3rd (Lebron King Gonzalez)

S38 NYA 2nd (Percy Miller)

This is an example of a trade that I’ve tried and had success with before.  I traded very little for an inactive player who I know and can contact to get around doing little things for TPE.  Luckily, this one did indeed work out.  Stark ended up carving out a solid career for himself and while he was a victim of the salary cap for me, he was gold when it came to finances after making this trade.  Turner, who is his agent, was able to up his TPE by another couple hundred and made a solid depth center turned defender that was a crucial part of my makeup going forward.  With what little I gave in return, this is definitely a deal I’m pleased with.
While I definitely won the trade in value, Cologne simply had an inactive piece without the means of contacting him.  They took a risk and tried to hit big, but neither pick they received worked out whatsoever strictly on value.  In fact, they ended up keeping neither pick.



Season 36 Trade -> NYA/VAS



To Yp5RCrq.png
(S32) RW - Damien Sandow
(S30) RW - Guido Schwarz Esq.

S37 VAS 1st (Logan Laich)

S37 HSK 3rd (Lebron King Gonzalez)

S38 VAS 3rd (N/A)

To knfxFY7.png
(S33) C - Keiji Toriyama

S37 NYA 4th (N/A)


So let’s keep in mind that I traded next to nothing for Toriyama.  After Keiji’s torrid start for New York, I decided to try and cash in for some more future picks and some depth to not lose the veteran scoring I had around my young guys.  Vasteras was very interested and soon we had settled on a pretty large deal.
I was thrilled to be acquiring another 1st in Season Thirty-Seven, and I really thought it stood a chance at becoming a lottery pick.  Luckily I was right as it ended up being the third overall selection.  While I technically chose Slaughter, I already explained that with three straight picks, I would show them in these trades as who I would have actually taken if I wasn’t just trying to please a first gen.  Therefore, I have slotted Logan Laich instead with the puck as I would have taken him third after Slaughter in actual reality.  In addition to the solid player Laich is, I was able to acquire a couple inactive depth scorers to help fill the void that Toriyama would be leaving, in Sandow and Schwarz Esq.   These two were actually pretty effective in their short American careers, and were able to do the job I had hoped they could.
While Toriyama was certainly not a fluke or anything, I definitely felt this was a great opportunity to cash-in, especially after acquiring him for so little.  He would experience some more success with Vasteras but the Americans definitely benefitted from adding a huge 1st round pick in a very top-heavy draft.
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Content: 3/3 - I like your trade review series. Two more solid trades to add to your already impressive GM resume. Your one of best GM's I've had here on VHL. :)
Grammar: 2/2 -  Lovely.

Logan Laich instead with the puck as I would have taken  = Logan Laich instead of the pick as I would have taken (I'm assuming you meant to type Pick)

Appearance: 1/1 - Lovely.

Overall: 6/6

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