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Under The Radar Or Perfectly Slated? + Other Stuff


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This VHL.com article will be based on Le'Sean Coutzen, a prospect for the Brampton Blades. He is currently slotted as the 5th highest player in terms of total points earned. In this current draft class there has been minimal "buzz" regarding the draft. There have not been many mock drafts, and almost no one is raving about the potential draft class. One prospect we want to divulge in today is Le'Sean Coutzen. Often times he has been ranked outside of the top four for the up-coming draft, but is that a correct assessment? What is his true value?


Let's start this off with the basics, Le'Sean is a late comer to this draft class and started a decent amount behind all of the other prospects. Le'Sean has the most "TPE" out of all centers in the draft, which may be pivotal for a team looking for a center of the future. He also plays a two-way game which is very important for championship winning teams. He is also an elite face-off mastermind as he is one of the leaders in Face-off Percentage. Lastly, his reputation and legacy is high because of the quick accumulation of TPE with his previous player, but the issue remains how long can it last for him? Last time it lasted three to four seasons. 


Now what is the true value of Le'Sean? First off, three out of the next four highest earners of TPE are centers, so if a team does not want to nab one early, they can wait until later in the draft -- but it would be more of a risk. Also, many teams have centers around 250-400 TPE laying in their second line, if they want the slight upgrade they would take a center, but their pick would be of better use on the wings. Lastly, with a high supply of centers in this draft, his value goes down since no team will have to rush to retrieve a center. His value is of a borderline lottery pick, who could potentially be picked higher up in the lottery if a team falls in love with him or needs a center.


Mini Mock Draft:


Prospect Taken: Edwin Reencarnacion

The Americans desperately need a LW, and Edwin is just the man. Also, the Americans are close to playoff contention so they get the most VHL-ready prospect.




Prospect Taken: Kekko Hyvarinen

The Wranglers must take Kekko since they have a weakness with their defense and their offense is good enough for now.



Prospect Taken: Marcel Faux

Marcel is a VHL veteran and has made countless quality players. He also is a Helsinki alumni with decent relations with the team. They also needed wingers thus they'll take Marcel Faux.



Prospect Taken: Le'Sean Coutzen

I was completely torn, but I had to pick myself because of my bias. Also I am from Philly, and so is the GM. Lastly, they have some wingers and their number one center, so they can get a future number two center to have a lethal one-two punch.






Hope you enjoyed :) 

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