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Who is this Reuel Kid?


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Giovanni Reuel. No you have not heard this name before but he is suddenly in the spotlight. The Bern winger has been playing on a line with Tim TebowGow and Josh Merica for most of the season and somehow managed to only get twenty five points. So why does this kid matter now… Because he is leading the Bern Royals in scoring after the first round that’s why! Not Merica, not TebowGow, not Goody… Reuel is leading the Royals in scoring. I didn’t even know how to reach the kid so I got my secretary to find his number for a comment on his performance.


“It feels great to finally contribute. It was frustrating playing catch up after missing the first twenty games of the season, but I finally was able to focus and show Bern what I am about. Though I feel some of the praise is a bit much, I am setting up plays sure but I have the best finishers in the VHLM on my team. It makes my job a lot easier to know all I have to do is put the puck on their sticks. I am really just glad I finally proving to everyone that coach was right to put me on the top line.”


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Glad you are finally performing well! It's tough have the least tpe on a line, RGIII can relate with his 13 points on Ottawa

I'm just surprised at the sudden burst of offense. 10 points in 6 playoff games... when I had 25 in 50+ regular season games?

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