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Claimed:Le'Sean Coutzen Biography[Final 10/10]

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Le'Sean Coutzen's Life Story

Le'Sean Coutzen is currently a center for the Brampton Blades, an elite franchise in the VHLm, also known as the Victory Hockey League minors. Le'Sean is known for his two-way ability with a great vision for the game and passing ability. Although now he looks like a top prospect, it was not always like that. His life started in a different way than many of the other prospects. He is an unusual player to become a top prospect for many reasons. He is not technically "European" and is also not from North America. Despite that, Le'Sean was able to excel, and here is his life story.

The Early Years:

Le'Sean was born in a very small country in the middle east, Israel. He started his life by playing only Soccer and Basketball. Le'Sean's father was the best player in the Israeli Basketball league and was bread to become the next big thing. At the age of three he learned how to do cross-overs modeled after Allen Iverson, and shoot like Peja Stojakovic. Sadly all of that hard work went to waste after he viewed a Hockey clinic in Metula after his dad's Basketball game in Haifa. He immediately started to prepare for his new life. Le'Sean started studying the game after watching the clinic. He broke down film of some of the best two-way centers and playmakers. He modeled his game after Sean Couturier, a player who has a name very similar to himself. Similar to how many young prodigies start out, Le'Sean studied the film of the great hockey players religiously. He trained every single day of the week with his mom's supervision. His workouts did not contain weights since that would stunt his growth, so his mom determined for him a workout. He would run three miles a day, perform squats, box jumps, and wind sprints. Also, his parents made him play soccer so that he could develop stamina, and foot speed, a problem that will haunt him for a long time in his preteen years. His parents assured that by the time he will be playing hockey, he will physically be ahead of every other player he plays against.

Preteen Years:

Le'Sean had his parents move him to northern Israel so he could skate every day. From age five through twelve he would see his father once during Basketball season since he would have to play games and live in Tel Aviv. Despite not seeing his father, Coutzen was perfectly fine mentally, even as a little child. He destroyed everyone in his in house league since he was much taller and took the game seriously unlike many of the other kids. He developed bad habits due to this, he had slow feet and very slow feet. He was able to out muscle many kids, yet that made him lazier in his workouts, but he had two things that would always stay elite, his defensive ability and his passing ability. Despite the lack of competition in the house league, he could always work on his passing ability and his defensive ability and awareness. His parents knew something had to change if Le'Sean wanted to achieve his dreams, so they sought out a new option. He needed to move to a new league since this was not a challenge, and he also needed to be able to play in a league that has smaller rinks in case he gets drafted to the North American conference in either the Victory Hockey League, or the VHLm. His parents were finally able to find him a new league, in an all new world for him.

Teen Years:


Le'Sean and his parents knew that he had to move to a more competitive league, which they found, the Ontario Hockey League. He knew that he must attend a very competitive league to prepare for the riggers that is the Victory Hockey League and the VHLm. He lived in Canada for about five years to acclimate to the North American rinks in case he gets drafted in to that conference. Le'Sean struggled greatly in the Ontario Hockey League. He had trouble putting up points and boosting his stat column while in the league. Yet, he was still a stand-out in the league for one reason, his defensive ability. He had received rave reviews due to his defensive ability and how he shut down some of the premier hockey prospects. In his last year of the Ontario Hockey League, he finally was able to translate his passing ability in to the Ontario Hockey League. Previously he struggled gaining time and space on the ice, but he started to move his feet faster and more often. He learned how to accelerate very fast in the smaller ice and was able to set up his team mates all the time. He cycled the puck very well and had great vision his whole time in the last season. After that last season, he declared for the Victory Hockey League season 44 draft, and for season 43 in the VHLm. He finally is moving on from the little fresh water sea and into the big world of the Victory Hockey League.

The Victory Hockey League Journey:

Le'Sean has finally came within reach of the Victory Hockey League. He was picked up on waivers by the Bratislava Watchmen and he started his dream. His whole life, after learning about Hockey, was about making it to the Victory Hockey League. His dream is not yet done though, and he still has a ways to go. He was traded during the season due to his lack of production, and knew he had to change it up. He had to improve, and his road to the Victory Hockey League toughened up. He faced adversity once in the Ontario Hockey League, but now he had to work even harder since this was the minors for his dream league. This motivated him even more. He has polished up his playmaking ability, and his defensive ability. He also has been able to improve his skating and continued his elite face-off ability. Edited by Taron47
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