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Claimed:Kurri to Opt Out of Contract? [Final 6/6]

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Kurri defends the corner in his own-zone

   It seems like just yesterday that Niklas Kurri failed to come to a contract agreement with The Seattle Bears. It may seem like yesterday but a lot has happened since Kurri declared for free agency. Kurri ended up signing a contract with the Quebec City Meute last off-season. The contract paid him just 2 million dollars for the season. Kurri reportedly asked for a mutual option with a slight raise to use as motivation to continue to improve as a player and hopefully earn the pay raise with the team. Quebec City stood pat and would only offer a mutual option at the same 2 million dollar salary that they were offering for the 1st year of the contract. Kurri took the deal with Quebec City and quickly began to improve his game. The Finnish forward improved by leaps and bounds over the course of his first season in Quebec City.


  Niklas Kurri has always been known as an all around player. During his rookie season with the Bears, Kurri was sometimes exposed as a defensive liability against the top VHL players. Kurri prides himself in his two-way play and made a commitment in the off-season to improve that part of his game before concentrating on putting the puck in the net. Kurri's hard work paid off. Kurri was a key member of the very successful, highly ranked, Quebec City penalty kill. Further more, Kurri dramatically improved his plus/minus rating. Kurri finished with as a +50 in the category and was consistently matched up with opponents top scoring forwards. Kurri's play improved to the point where he found himself paying on The Meute's top line by around the halfway point of the season. Kurri was paired on the line with Aksel Thomasen and Bruno Wolf. Surprisingly, Kurri's offensive production dropped off when he joined the line with Quebec City's top two scorers. Kurri ended up recording 21 goals and assisting on 26 of his teammates goals. More importantly then his statistical output, Kurri showed a willingness to dedicate himself to improving off the ice. This past season was easily the hardest Kurri has worked to improve as a player, since he joined the VHL. Kurri improved by leaps and bounds and is definitely a much more well rounded player then he was when he joined The Meute. Kurri was even selected as one of the forwards for Team Scandinavia.



 A couple of Team Scandinavia fans.



  By all accounts Kurri has really enjoyed his time in Quebec City since signing with the Meute. During the regular season, Quebec City was the the top team in the North American Conference. The Meute earned a first round bye in the post-season, before running into Kurri's former team, The Seattle Bears. The Bears really started to come alive in the second half of the season and have received clutch goals from Kurri's  former line-mate, German winger Wolfgang Strauss.


  There is a very good chance that Niklas Kurri will continue his career in Quebec City. The people in the organization have been great. But when free agency begins, nothing will be for certain. Kurri is opting out of his contract and will once again be an unrestricted free agent.


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Content: 3/3 - Good article on your player since joining Quebec. Will be interesting to see where you decide to go if you do infact hit UFA. Good luck!

Grammar: 2/2 -  Fine. Only minor things

all around = all-around 
Further more = Furthermore

himself paying on The Meute's top line = himself playing on the Meute's top line

much more well rounded player = much better all-around player 
was the the top team = was the top team

Appearance: 1/1 - Looks nice.

Overall: 6/6

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