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Delicious projects big second season uptick


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In another dull E'Twaun Delicious update that no one will read, the young Frenchman has made yet another bold statement about his abilities in the VHL. After calling himself an MVP candidate for the season that just passed, Delicious has now revealed that he sees a big jump in performance for himself on the horizon.

"After dominating the VHL last year I'm ready to become the best performer in the VHL. I'm seeing about 85 goals and 80 assists this year, but I honestly think I can get to that point by midseason. Get ready New York fans, I doubt we'll be losing any games this year on our way to the Continental Cup."

It's no secret that the Americans will be a better team next season. Between Golden Jedtsson and Jorma Ruutu coming up to the pros, and the team having the first overall pick, New York can make a strong push for the playoffs. As the Seattle Bears proved this past year, any team can make noise once they get there.

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