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And Yet More Truth Bombs


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The original setup for the VHL was planned to be a straight league format with the winner granted five minutes to shoot pucks at Brad Garrett. However, after a mass protest from NASA, the format was canned.


The VHL commissioners are considering reducing the amount of points a team scores for slaying the rat-tailed chupacabra from ten to five. The golden snitch will still however be worth 160 points.


Ron World Peace was named after the famous basketball player who originally went by the name of Ron Burgundy.


Flute Girl’s first instrument was a hollowed out turtle shell. That turtle went on to become the mascot for the Buffalo Bills.


Bennett Wahl skipped college to fulfil his lifelong ambition of becoming a compact disc version of Life After Love by Cher.


VHL players are known to be a big help to their local communities, frequently donating wardrobes filled with cocaine to charity.


After studying recent attendance demographics, 70% of the Helsinki Titans’ home fans are naturally amphibious, and 39% speak fluent Klingon.


Totally NotABear is Snaxaraxxxxx spelled sidewards. 

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