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Claimed:The VHL Convicts

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The VHL's Top Convicts


Little does everyone know that there are convicts among themselves. The VHL won't turn away someone who has talent and skill to play in the league because they have a rap sheet or anything. This week will feature those top convicts and the crimes they have committed.






First off we have Mikey Blade. He was arrested for public indecency. Mikey decided one night that he was going to have a party and he wanted to enjoy his rookie season success. He invited over many friends and they all decided that they were going to get completely wasted and that they didn't want to remember the night. Let's just say that Mikey is a lightweight and it didn't take much for him to get completely drunk out of his mind. He ran around the party asking anyone if they wanted to go streaking with him and every time he asked someone they said no to him. Before he knew it he thought he had a few people following him that were going streaking with him but after the cops chased him down and handcuffed him, he realized that he was alone and would end up spending the night in a lockup cell and would have to pay a hefty fine for streaking in public.






Up next is Naomi Young. She got caught down the street from the party after she left to go meet up with some guys for a drug deal. She was expecting to meet normal drug dealers and pick up some Oxy from them but little did she know she was about to be arrested by undercover cops. They led her back to their car where they pulled out a brown paper bag that had some individual baggies in them and she looked them over and pulled the money out of her back pocket and she would go on to hand it to them. After the transaction was done, she was getting ready to walk away and as soon as she turned around, they told her to freeze and that she was under arrest. They showed her their badges and she was cuffed and tossed into the back of the car.






Thomas Landry is the third victim on this list. While we don't know how he was invited to the party, all we know is that he showed up and was ready to party hard. After 4 shots of patron, 6 shots of vodka, 4 beers and 9 shots of bacardi, he was ready to go. He was running around the house trying to get into a fight with everyone there. It seemed as if everyone tried to ignore him but he kept getting up in peoples faces and eventually we knew someone wouldn't be able to put up with him any longer and he would get that fight he was looking for. He happened to walk up on a group of about six 20 year olds and he started yelling at them and they just didn't like the fact he was all up in their face. It turned into a brawl quickly and before anyone knew it, Tom was on the ground getting kicked in the back of the head and people were still punching him. He curled up into a ball trying to protect himself but that didn't seem to work for him. After about 23 minutes of kicking his ass, they decided to walk away and left him alone. Tom walked outside and decided that all the alcohol was passing through him too quickly and stopped to urinate all over a wall down the street. The cops pulled up and he was arrested for public defamation.


All three of these VHL convicts were to be released the following day as they were sober enough to leave and all fined a good amount. They knew that all that partying had to stay behind them and that it was a crazy night. Tom still don't know why his face was all beat up and he was extremely sore.

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Content: 3/3 - Slander, I tell you! Slander! You should see how those kids looked when I was through with them!
Grammar: 2/2 - Nearly flawless!
getting up in peoples faces -> getting up in peoples' faces
Appearance: 1/1 - ORANGE EVERYWHERE
Overall: 6/6 - Look both ways before crossing the street!
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Content: 3/3 - Funny article, I didn't know the VHL had so many people doing illegal activities. Poor Landry seems to always be beat up or having something else bad occur.


Grammar: 2/2 - Couldn't find anything else.


Appearance: 1/1 - I like the pictures.


Overall: 6/6 


Final: 6/6

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