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Claimed:Robin Gow Excites Scouts

Fire Fletcher

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Robin Gow Excites Scouts




          After being selected 4th overall by the Ottawa Lynx in the S35 VHLM Dispersal Draft, scouts expected big things out of Robin Gow, the son of retired VHL veteran Jim Gow. Measuring in at six-foot two and two-hundred and five pounds at only twenty years old, Robin was expected to physically dominate the VHLM this season, which is filled with young prospects trying to earn their spot in the big leagues and older players not quite talented enough to make it to the pros. Almost three-quarters into the season, the second generation Gow hasn’t disappointed the scouts at all.


          Although Robin was expected to be the official first-line center for the Ottawa Lynx heading into S35, an off-season trade saw the Lynx bring in another talented center in Frederik Ernst, a VHL prospect who is in his second season in the VHLM. Although this technically left Robin as the second center on the depth chart for Ottawa, in reality, the Lynx were talented enough at the forward position that they were able to create two equally strong lines that could really be called lines 1A and 1B. This was especially true after the Lynx made a move for VHLM super star Jeevan Samuelsson. Not quite good enough for regular VHL duty, Samuelsson has been tearing up the minors for years. Robin and Jeevan had instant chemistry with each other. Both players saw an increase in their points per game once they were united. When asked about his play with Jeevan, Robin responded:


“Everything just kind of clicked since the first moment we stepped on the ice together. Jeevan, Cho, and I both think the game the same way in all three zones. When all three forwards are all on the same page, it allows us to anticipate what each of us is going to do on the ice. Our great play this year is backed up by our numbers.”


          That last statement by Robin couldn't be more true. Since joining the Lynx, Samuelsson has scored at more than a 2 point per game pace. His one-hundred and forty-four points lead the league. Not far behind him is Robin, whose eighty-one assists currently lead the league. Robin has also been extremely strong in the face off dot. At 54.28%, Gow has the third best face off percentage in the league. While his numbers have been great, Robin has also proved he is a leader both on and off the ice. After showing a dedication to improve and a willingness to help others, Robin was elected as an assistant captain for the Lynx. His combination of hockey and people skills have Robin pegged to be a top three pick in the upcoming S36 VHL Entry Draft.


          Although Robin has impressed the scouts, he is far from perfect. Many members of pro organizations would like to see the physically gifted center use his body a little more. At his size, eighty-four hits and twelve shots blocked just aren’t going to get it done. For someone lauded for his defensive play going into the recent dispersal draft, that part of his game hasn’t translated to this level yet. If Robin truly wants to be the dominant two-way center that scouts think he can be, then his play in his own zone will have to vastly improve.

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Content: 3/3 - Jeevan Samuelson for some reason is really racking up the points this year, it seems him and Robin make a good duo. As far as Robin's defensive capabilities go, maybe the Ice Dogs Lynx are just spending too much time in the other team's zone to play much defense.


Grammar: 2/2 - Good.


Appearance: 1/1 - Looks aight.


Final: 6/6


Overall: 6/6

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