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Claimed:World Peace signs in Ottawa


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World Peace has found a new home


He had to wait a few days before he created some sort of interest, but finally the dream for Ron World Peace has come true: With the Ottawa Lynx claiming him off waivers, he can now try to establish himself as a legit player in the pro league’s business. Lynx’ GM flyersfan1493 stated in the official press conference that it is Ottawa’s “hope to improve our second unit, especially on defense.” The defenseman out of Cologne, Germany, has only recently made the step over the Atlantic Ocean to pursue a job with a VHLM team.




At least, World Peace has already made some progress when compared to his play when he arrived. Team mate Robin Gow declared to have given the rookie some extra lessons after practice on a specialty of his position, defensive positioning in particular. “Well, you still see that he is some kind of new to the whole sport of hockey in general, for example when is skating around on the ice still looking for that balance you always have to have,” Gow later offered some insight on the newest addition of the Ottawa Lynx, “but we see that he has some potential left nonetheless.” The training staff has appointed World Peace to a strict training regiment to train muscles especially needed for hockey, and is eager to give him some extra lessons behind the scenes. “I totally know that I will not make any dramatic impact in the game coming off the bench as the last guy of the unit, but if that is the first step I have take in order to purse that career in the VHL I am ok with it.”


In the coming weeks, the training staff has made its point clear to World Peace that he has some serious work to do before he might get increased minutes on the ice. The resume of 90 percent of his scouting reports attests him a below-average defense with some potential to see there going alongside with a completely non-existing offense. Ron World Peace has to decide whether he goes for an all-out defense build or if he wants to be a mixed hybrid, letting the offense also influence his style of play a little bit. Sources close to him report that he is currently leaning towards an all-out effort in order to find his niche in the VHL.




“I am really looking forward to playing with the Ottawa Lynx for the rest of Season 35! They do not force me to play big minutes in the beginning that I am not capable of, but instead give me some much-needed time to learn from the other players,” World Peace posted in a social network. “I wonder where I will be playing next year, but for now I am totally content with where I ended up. Go Lynx.”


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Content: 3/3 Best of luck to World Peace in Ottawa. They are a solid team and you should fit in real well as long as you keep up the work with them.

Grammar: 2/2 Only noticed one small thing but I won't dock you for it

Presentation: 1/1 Yeah it's there


Ron World Peace has come true. With the - Just end the sentence there and begin a new one so it's not one long run-on sentence.


Grade: 6/6

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Content: 3/3 - Again, welcome to Ottawa! It's always nice to help out new members of the league. So far, you seem to be picking up on how the league runs and what you need to do in order to become a successful player. Keep up the good work, and hopefully we go far in the playoffs!


Grammar: 2/2 - A couple more.


Lynx’ GM  = Lynx GM

general, for = general. For

when is = when he is


Appearance: 1/1 - Solid.


Overall: 6/6


FINAL: 6/6

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