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Claimed:P0dcast For Paris [Final: 6/6]


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Context: 3/3

The France tragedy was definitely horrible. I've read too much into it already, and seen some videos.

We've been a lot better than I've expected this season in Toronto. Wasn't expecting to be so competitive. Scoring a ton.

Lol, Phil's question.

Please, I will join the training academy.

Seattle might not have an active history, but you got Sterling there now. That will help a ton.

World B. Free is in Toronto. You don't have him.

I really hope we get more recruits. For the site overall, and also because the grader situation. I'm finding it tough to get active graders, especially writing ones.

I would ask questions, but the truth is I just forget. Sometimes I'll post questions in a couple of the podcast question threads, but I forget about others. I don't know. I listen to almost all of them anyways, so I really should ask questions more.

You've seen Fear The Walking Dead, but not The Walking Dead? That's different.

Travis Fimmel from Vikings is the main guy in the Warcraft movie. Such a badass in both that show and for the movie.

Professionalism: 2/2


Editing: 1/1

Very nice intro.

Overall: 6/6

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