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Jardy Misses Podcasting


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League Commissioner and notable drunkard Jardy Bunclewirth hasn't done any sort of podcast in fiveever.  It was probably still nice out when he did.  According to a recent interview vhlsim.net has done with Jardy, he misses it dearly.


"I'm currently listening to Noah and Jerifag Fagalicious Fagnut's 'If I Were You' podcast, and it's made me miss interaction with other human beings.  I actually miss being active on VHL in general.  Podcasting is just one facet which represents this.  It maeks me serd... :("  Bunclewirth said.


He claims his schedule has been fucked over by his scholastic pursuits, which often get fucked over by his drunken pursuits.  The month of December has been particularly hellacious, as it is the International Finals Month.  Jardy writes exams from December 10-20, and started studying in earnest on the 6th.


The bright side of this is that procrastinating is a wonderful method of simming games in a timely fashion, so this past week has been above average in that regard.  Expect this to continue until at least the 19th.

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All you college students remember at the end of the day the degree is just a piece of paper and unless you have a 4.0 GPA work experience in the related field is far more valuable(with the paper of course).

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Yeah I was literally just thinking about that.  Especially with Super Cup being here, I'm going to do my best to rig the final series to at least Game 15.

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