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Diana Maxwell isn't really Diana Maxwell


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It has recently been discovered that the Diana Maxwell currently playing in the VHL is not the real Diana Maxwell. The most telling sign of this is how terrible "Diana Maxwell" is at hockey. The person playing for New York has been discovered to be someone named Cornelius Knucklebones, a notably inferior player. The real Diana Maxwell will be declaring for the S53 draft when the S51 trade deadline comes around. All records of this fake Maxwell will be changed to identify him correctly as Knucklebones. Knucklebones declined to comment on the situation.


To be serious for a moment, though, I'm considering with my second player basically creating the same player. Adjusting a few things, using a different name of course. Pretty much starting over with the same lofty goals that I had for Maxwell, because at this point, there's no way I'll be achieving some of the career numbers for which I was shooting. I still may decide to go with a goalie, particularly if I start to score more goals this season. Regardless of how bad this season goes, though, Maxwell should still have Hall of Fame potential. Two bad seasons don't ruin a career entirely, but I imagine it will destroy my hopes of reaching Top 15 in career goals and points.

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