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There was nowhere to go but up for Verner Reinholdt whom after 18+ games had only registered a single point with the Brampton Blades. But as he continues to train, and get himself back up to speed with the game he has finally begun adding some more to his total. In the 10 games following the veteran turned rookie now has 6 points, including getting his first goal a game winner in a win. We had a talk with Verner and while he did have some thoughts to say about his offensive production, he mostly noted the team success and how much he enjoys being pushed on a team trying to climb it's way up the standings. 



Yeah I'm happy to finally get some more points. You see guys in the VHLM they just absolutely tear it up. And there I was with my lonely single point. Sure I've got 6 now, and a goal and that still isn't much but for me it's about strides. Remember I'm a 43 year old here, and I don't think my play has been lacking. It's been developing sure, but I think so is a lot of guys in this league. Everyone has their own curve, but I'm confident that come playoffs, come my VHL career...I'll be up to speed. I feel my game getting better every day, every practice, almost every shift. I'm feeling it a lot more. But I came in at a severe disadvantage and given that I feel I still got such a high ceiling, you get what you get. 

What is most important though guys is the team success, y'know? We've been pushing the top team in the league in Ottawa, trying to steal wins against them, we've been climbing the standings. We as a locker room very much believe that we have a shot this season. Not just at having a good run in the playoffs but going all the way. We are all focused on earning, growing, our GM and coaching staff know what we are up against. I mean look at this season. When I joined the Blades they were further in the standings and they knew they had a hill to climb. But they also knew they had the goalie and the defensive core to do it, and they just kept adding pieces. Kept climbing that hill. And now it's on guys like me, I need to get my offensive game to a point where we compliment where our strong areas of the game are and we keep winning. It's exciting isn't it? I don't normally get this amped but going down the stretch fighting for playoff positioning and then fighting for a championship? This is the type of challenge I wanted coming into the league, this is the type of excitement I didn't get to experience much throughout my career just due to how I decided to approach it. So I say bring it on! 


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