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Müller, Quebec Holding Steady in S53


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With the flashy offenses of New York, Seattle, and Cologne all catching the eye this season, not many have been paying attention to center Lukas Müller - or anyone on the Quebec City Meute, really.  However, the German rookie has been quietly moving along at a point-per-game pace this year, has already eclipsed 40 assists, and is nearing the 20-goal mark.  It’s not anything particularly flashy, but for a team (and a player) that has mainly been focusing on steady development this year it’s nothing to sneer at.  Müller has also reportedly settled in well in Quebec and is likely to stay with the team long-term.

While the Americans and Bears lead the way in the conference, the Meute appear to be in prime position to slip into the third playoff spot, as they currently hold an 11-point lead over the Calgary Wranglers.  Thanks to Apollo Skye’s impressive year, Quebec certainly won’t be aiming for the cup but may be hoping to play spoiler come postseason.  

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