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POLL: Cologne's playoff run 4 EVER?


Will Cologne set a record?  

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Everything comes and goes...the end of Helsinki and NY era, Toronto two-peat, Toronto threepeat, Riga stopping Toronto, NY get the one, awards, more cups and more more more. Everything comes and goes...besides of Cologne's playoff run. I even managed to forget when was the last time Cologne wasn't playing in playoffs - it's S47 actually, which means that this season is going to be 6th time straight when the Express won't miss the post-season.  I'm really wondering when @gregreg is going to start the rebuild. It certainly won't happen after this season - only their second round pick can bring a steal and then they have a third round pick. Oh well. I actually see that Greg will sign these inactives to make it 7th: Davos isn't even on talks, as about Riga - I have no intentions to make a playoff push yet. Just look at these players - Kopralkov, AK-47, Greg's Thrower and probably Hohenzollern (I don't see a reason why @RomanesEuntDomus won't sign with the Express tbh). Sign with more reliable players - and we have a solid playoff team. By the way, will the 7th playoff appearance set a record or there were more hungry teams? Wanna know the answer.


Oh, and one more fact - Cologne only made finals once during their current playoff run.


1 TPE goes to Petenis.

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