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J-Ham One of the All-time Great(ly Underappreciated Players)


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As Seattle Bears defenseman Jeff Hamilton wraps up his regular season career, it is time to look back on what I believe was one of the truly under-rated players in league history. With only one (.5) Labatte Trophy in tow, Hamilton has quietly launched himself in 6th (or 8th if you count players who played forward and defence in a career - but I don't) in all-time defenseman scoring with 659 points. To put that into modern day perspective, the only other defenseman to come close to this feat was Jeff's brother Phil Hamilton who finished his career in 12th place on the list (643 points). Added to the under rated aspect of Hamilton's career is the fact that he spent the first three seasons of his career on an unsuccessful Seattle roster while his brother Phil won Continental Cups with the Helsinki Titans.


"All in all, perhaps we'll never be able to really determine the answer to who is or was the best Hamilton. I think for sure we can say it wasn't David and that's what matters most. Jeff had a great career and I hope his lack of individual trophies, despite incredible individual success, won't hurt his chances at the VHL Hall of Fame," said player agent Sterling Labatte.

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