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Who Wants a sig?

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I've already got one started but had to come to work before I could finish it. It's currently got no text so its up for grabs.


The render is Martin St.Louis so all goalies are out. I don't intend on doing a JC so the render is obviously blue. This makes Toronto guys the most obvious but it really doesn't matter; I've made non-team colored stuff before. Just know that it's gonna be a blue render no matter what.


So yeah, most if you want it. First come first serve but please don't bother responding if you don't intend on wearing it anyway (unless it sucks, then I don't blame you haha). I would rather give a sig to someone who actually wants a new one.



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I've made a lethonen cut so if you make me a sig, I'll do a sig for you too !

How could I resist that offer haha.


James did get in first though and rules are rules so I'll give this one to him. Next week I'll make you one though.

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