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I propose a curious test to see what we can make: Everyone who donated sigs takes 1-2 sigs from another user in the pack and collabs on it to see what a combination of styles can make.


So, for example, I collab a sig from Boubabi and Jackim; Jackim collars myself and Noah, etc.



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not a bad idea but they all look like complete so if someone try to collab something, most of the time, it will look overdone or only a color change.

but it's just my opinion

Well we've got all the layers so its free game to take things out or move them around and stuff. Obviously not delete every layer but re-work them. Less of a collab and more of like creative freedom over another's piece for the sake of art.


Collab just sounded better haha. For example, say I didn't like the smudging on one of Jackim's sig. If I removed that and replaced it with more stock it could completely change the look.


Just an idea really.

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