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Claimed:Can the Rush Lift the Cup?


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Can the Rush Win? 

The Yukon Rush are a raw team, not exactly have all the tools the other teams might have. In a weaker North American Conference, it appears as if they will be making an appearance in the play-offs this season but do they have enough tools to take it all? They are no offensive juggernaut by any means by have a solid defensive system that allows the Yukon captain, Kyrie Knight to lead the plays. The real question remains; do they have what it takes to hoist the cup this season?  



The team has the standard duo of two goaltenders in Zach Fucale and Santeri Heikelä, with the latter being a new waiver pick up. The two have had around an equal amount of stats between them but it appears like Santeri will be taking the reigns if he continues to develop. Their win-loss records are almost identical but Santeri beats out Fucale in most of the other statistical areas by a strong margin. Will Santeri Heikelä be enough for the Rush to get far to the finals and possibly even win? Yes, Santeri will be a key factor on their play and if he improves, the Yukon Rush might become a serious threat. 



The Yukon Rush have a strong system and have a solid core of defencemen. They have the best defensive corps in their conference and widely considered to have the second best defense in the league, although many critics point out that their conference is not as difficult as the European Conference, which has been competitive. Their team captain, Kyrie Knight is the power play quarterback and is also put out in most of their difficult scenarios. They are the only team in the North American conference to have a positive goal differential and this will play a big part in their winning ways. As the team improves, it will only be a matter of time that the defense will be able to shut out many other teams. Known for their low scoring games, they are relatively sounds in their own end.  

This is a key component of the team that has been struggling. Their offense have been unable to put up points as they have trouble finding their groove. The team has only three players above the point per game ratio, and that is not by much. They lack proper coordination and are unable to read their own plays. It is still only a quarter into the season so the team still has time to gain more chemistry. Although if they fail, it would put a giant dent in their abilities to make the finals. They have no superior offensive player but if their rookies get better as the season progresses, they will be one tough force to mess with.  




Yes, they do have a chance at winning the cup. The team is considered likely to come out on top in their conference and should be able to make it to the finals, but that is where it gets tricky. The European conference contains many great teams and are considered heavy favorites, especially the Watchmen that only have one loss so far. Yes, they will be able to try and win the cup this season. Will they win the cup? That is up for debate but it is not very likely, but anything can happen in the playoffs.



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Content: 3/3 - Nice article pointing out the Rush's strengths and weaknesses for our playoff push. If Bjorkstrand and Bennett Wahl keep their progress up our offense should be at least decent by the end of the year. As for our defense, if you keep up this activity our defense can become really dominant with you and Frederick Ernst.


Grammar: 2/2 - Only a few mistakes.


be taking the reigns if he continues = be taking the reins if he continues 

Their offense have been unable = Their offense has been unable 

European conference = European Conference 


Appearance: 1/1 - Looks good. 


Overall: 6/6 


Final: 6/6

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