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Thanks for all those 2nd round picks in this draft I got good people. Also thanks for the 3 first rounders next draft that = more good people. Also I would like to announce to everyone that I beat Jim in our NHL 13 Stanley Cup series once again, which makes it 2 out of 3 now. It turns out he may have cheated also, as we use created teams that have to stay within the salary cap, and his team was 8 million over so he had to change some players.  For some reason, Bobby Ryan was really good for me in our series as he got me a hat trick in a game and had the most goals in the series. Anways, back to the VHL. Oh yeah, this is usually where I post that Victor is an old man. Also, we should update the sim more so a lot of the vhlm actives dont have 0 tpe in the sim. I think I should be over 150 words now so peace out girl scouts. Bye Squinty.

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