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Claimed:4 MIN LEFT HA HA


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Effort: 2/2 - yessir.


Look: 2.5/3 - text poorly place, bad lighting and zero flow. fire stock randomly placed i think and i'm not huge on the BG. too much noise. not horrible, but a lot of rushed elements i think.


Creativity: 1/1 - yes.


Overall: 5.5/6

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Effort: 2/2 - Pree clear tho


Look: 2.5/3 - I ALMOST GAVE YOU A 2.25 HERE BUT I DIDN'T. Way too busy imo, hard to place where everything is. Text contradicts flow, lighting isn't great. You can do better.


Creativity: 1/1 - Nah dog nah


Total: 5.5/6

Overall: 6/6

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