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Despite team success, Moher still struggling


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Despite team success, Moher still struggling


DAVOS, SWITZERLAND -- The Dynamo are off to an incredible start, atop the European Conference at 17-5-1.  Much of that is thanks to the stellar play of their forwards, in particular Odin Tordahl,  Davey Jones, and Sergey Brovalenko.  Davos leads the league in scoring with 86 goals, nine ahead of the second-highest scoring team Helsinki.


That's because last year's first overall pick, Lennox Moher, still has not found his consistency in net. After a nice start for Moher, he has given up at least 3 goals against in nine of the last twelve games. If the Dynamo are going to have any kind of success in the playoffs, he will need to shore up his performance in goal.  The second-year starter also has a 90.5 SV%, which is tied for second worst in the league, ahead of only Seattle goaltender Steven Smyl.


When asked about his performance so far, Moher commented, "I think it's been just okay. The team is playing great, but I've had some let down performances in games we should have won. I've had an incredible supporting cast around me, and that's why we're on top of Europe right now."

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