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Smyl seriously struggling


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After getting off to a decent start this season, Steven Smyl has been nothing but awful. The sophomore goaltender went into the season looking like he was set to help lead the Bears to a serious playoff run, but after the troubles the Bears have gotten themselves into, it seems that it's just not meant to happen. Seattle has the most penalty minutes of any team in the league and were assessed 16 minor penalties in their most recent loss to the Toronto Legion. These penalties certainly are taking the toll on Smyl and the rest of the team, who only have nine wins so far, just enough to creep them into playoff contention. Smyl holds a league-worst .902 save percentage so far this season and is looking to improve.


"It has been tough so far this season. We're having trouble definitely, but we haven't been able to pin-point where exactly. We should be doing much better than this and I should be able to help out the team more. I'm sick of being the bottom of the barrel, so things have to change. I'll give it my all out there on the ice, but if we keep playing recklessly like we did against the Legion, it's just not looking too good for us," said Smyl following yesterday's game. 

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