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Olynick Talks About Possible Destintions


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20 or so games into the season, Blaine Olynick has been nothing but short of spectacular in terms of developmental progress. From being a nobody a month ago to the top rated goaltender and being thrown around as one of the top 3 in this year's VHL Draft, Olynick has been turning heads in Bern. His goals against average and save percentage are nothing to brag about, but so far he has been getting the W's for the Royals.

All the mock drafts that have been drawn up lately have Blaine wondering about where he'll call home for the start of his VHL career when called upon to start in net. One mock had him in his hometown of Toronto, another currently has him taken by Cologne.

When asked about where he'd like to go, Blaine said "Toronto would be a dream come true. My whole family are Legion fans and they love Remy LeBeau. I look up to him in terms of the kind of goalie I want to be in this league. The kind that always gives his team a chance to win. Even if I may not start games and play in the minors in favor of LeBeau, just learning from him first hand would be a dream come true. It would be an honor to be the successor to Remy in net. Taking over in Quebec after Rift is retired would be an honor as well. They're both spectacular goaltenders that I would love to learn the game from."

Keeps your eyes peeled out for Olynick at this upcoming draft.

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Great article, you have surely caught the attention of several general mangers. However, I am not willing to defer the title of ''top goaltender of this draft class'' to you just yet........ ;)

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